As you may have noticed, this week is all about film. From movie theater inspired treats to the best apps for flexing your movie muscles, we are in it to win it on the Oscars front. And now it’s time to plan a last minute Oscars party!! Here are 10 ways to party it up, including a few tips and tricks from our friends at Bing.

1. Invite Your Friends: What’s a party without your peeps?! Print out these invites (and other fun printables) and get your buns to the post office!

2. Figure Out Decor: Whether you’re going for the full red carpet or a chic black and gold theme, you’ve gotta make some quick decisions when it comes to last minute decor. We love this black and yellow motif by the folks at Hostess with the Mostess.

3. Stock Up On Party Supplies: Not sure how to actually make your newly designed decor theme happen? Head to Bing on your PC or phone and do a quick search for local party supply stores, where you’ll find hours, directions, and more all in one spot We always wholeheartedly recommend Party City.

4. Party Games: You’ve gotta have some actual awards at your party too! This printable bingo game is a super fun way to get a little more involved in the show, and you should probably turn it into a drinking game.

5. Champagne Punch: Speaking of drinks, what will you be serving? For a night that’s all about celebration, we definitely recommend a big bowl of punch bubbling over with champagne. Do a search on Bing for drink photos and recipes to get inspired – we’re loving all the pomegranate and berry punches!!

6. Evite Your Friends: Don’t have time for regular mail? Go digital instead with Evite Postmark’s Oscar Collection by Marc Friedland. With 10 special themes to choose from, you’re sure to find something perfect for your all-star line up ;)

7. Movie Candy Cookies: You know all your favorite movie theater candies? We’re talking Milk Duds, Buncha Crunch, Chocolate-Covered Raisins, and Junior Mints. We put ’em in cookies!! BOOM.

8. Geek Chic Gowns: Got some extra LED lights left from your Christmas tree? Turn them into wearable tech with inspiration from any of these 10 glowing gowns.

9. Polka Dot Party Popcorn: More food for your crew! Our latest Brit Kit includes popcorn and three types of toppings to create the ultimate sweet treat. Head to our shop if you missed out!

10. Gold Buttercream Cake: That’s right. This is a category on this list, and it’s AMAZING. Use gold color mist, edible glitter, or gold edible pearl dust to make your gold buttercream cake dreams come true.

Of course if you’re more into scoping out the celebs than making sweets, you can always head to MSN’s Wonderwall for the latest gossip. And if you want to make sure you win the Oscar prediction game, check out some stats courtesy of Bing’s search data. Here’s a hint: Argo is speculated to win Best Picture!

How will you prep for Oscar Sunday? Talk to us in the comments below.

This post is a collaboration with Bing.