Ken Bone rose to fame within moments of appearing during the second presidential debate and, perhaps not so unlikely these days, has experienced the full spectrum of that fame within the span of one week. From meme-ification, t-shirt sales, scheduled appearances and Internet eye-rolls to now the inevitable downfall and backlash. Yep, the man who has become the newest, most popular Halloween costume apparently has a not-so-nice background, as revelations about Ken Bone’s past are coming out, and they’re seriously disturbing.

Ken Bone _ debate

As quickly as his newfound fame came, things may all be coming to a halting stop, putting Ken’s glory in jeopardy, including a scheduled appearance on a special live edition of Jimmy Kimmel Live! airing after the third presidential debate. Uh oh!

Ken decided to accept an invitation to host a reddit AMA and was ready to handle questions about the debate, his political views and perhaps even t-shirt sales. What Ken apparently didn’t think about was that he was using the very same reddit account that he had used before his fame. People went back through his history (natch) and found some pretty nasty things.

Though we’re not about to quote anything directly (because OMG ugh!), he not only said nasty things about Jennifer Lawrence after her nude pics were leaked (something she’s deemed as sexual assault), but he also admitted to fraud and justified the killing of Trayvon Martin. Holy crud.

This isn’t quite the kind of dude peeps thought Ken Bone was.

Another lesson to learn here: Perhaps we should know more about someone before turning them into our next meme idol.

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(h/t The Daily Beast; photos via Pool/Getty)