Last night’s two-hour debate made it crystal clear that its now war between Hillary and Trump. The two candidates left no table unturned or insult unsaid in St. Louis. However, things ended on an unexpected high note when Kenneth Bone asked the two to name something they respected about each other. WHAT A TWIST. In short: Hillary said she thought highly of his children. Trump said Hillary is never one to quit. Naturally, Kenneth quickly became a viral sensation and was immediately celebrated on Twitter.

Then he was interviewed on CNN this morning and solidified his place as America’s hero because he showed up for the interview in the EXACT same outfit. When the anchor asked him about his outfit choice, Kenneth charmingly responded, “I don’t see how I could not have worn the red sweater this morning. It’s more famous than me.” LOL. Kev, you’re the best.

And you know what? You’re also probably going to be the go-to topical costume of 2016. Not only does Kevin represent the one uplifting moment from from this volatile election, but it will literally take five minutes to put together. Red cable knit sweater, khakis, a white button-down, a fake moustache and some glasses. Done and done. The superhero costume of 2016.

Kenneth, maybe you’re what we needed to actually make America great again.

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