Yes, yes, we know that braids are the hairstyle du jour. For those of us who never mastered anything beyond the basic three-strand plait, all of the fishtail, snake, and Dutch options out there can feel a little overwhelming.

Well, get ready to impress the braid enthusiasts in your life. Celeb hairstylist Sarah Potempa has shared the world’s easiest braid that looks incredibly impressive. “If you can tie your shoes, you can do this braid,” Potempa, inventor of the Beachwaver, tells Brit + Co.

Start by separating two sections at the crown of your head. Now, make a knot — just like you do when you tie your shoes. Add a small section of hair from the left side, and make another knot. Repeat on the right, and knot. “Continue tying knots all the way down the braid until you’ve created a full look,” Potempa explains. Once you reach the nape of your neck, make a three-strand braid or twist your hair and pin it under the knots. Pull the loops out to create volume. Secure with hairspray.

See it in action below!

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