We came across Roaring Softly back in February, when we were rounding up pop culture Valentines. Since then, we’ve been saving this collection of pretty pop-py prints for a rainy day. Though it’s not raining all over the country today, it probably will be soon, so here we are!

From Liz Lemon to Leslie Knope to the array of foods loved by Ron Swanson, we hope you enjoy this set of whimsical illustrations by Tyler Feder. And when you’re done digital-window shopping, feel free to Treat Yo Self ;)

Treat Yo Self ($20): First up, Donna and Tom Haverford give us words to live by.

Liz Lemon Friend Dates ($10): Our top date? Macklemore Dance Party in PJs, duh.

Foods of Ron Swanson ($20): You had me at “meat tornado.”

Ron Swanson and You ($45): Love Ron so much that you really want him to be your bestie? This listing will get you a custom portrait of you and the mustached man himself.

Night Cheese ($20): Bob Seger could totally get behind this rework of his iconic ballad.

Nutella Ho Hey ($10): Okay, this is super random and not about a TV character BUT it’s so awesome we had to include.

Leslie Knope ($20): And finally, the most cheerful person on TV and my personal pretend-bestie (aside from Rayanne from My So-Called Life, of course).

What TV character would you like to see in print form? Talk to us in the comments below.