That’s right. Hardware is getting a super colorful makeover, yet again. We’ve teamed up with Ghirardelli to turn a basic metal bucket into a cheerful, springy Easter basket filled with tons of yummy treats for all the sweet little bunnies in your life.


 – metal buckets or pails

– white rope

– hot pink paracord

– blue paracord

– pom pom trim

– paper flowers (see the tutorial here)

– Ghirardelli® Spring Impressions Squares

 – hot glue gun

– scissors

The instructions for each are a little bit different, so scroll on to see how to make your favorite style basket.


You can change up the color palette however you like. We skipped the pastel scene and went for richer versions of classic Easter colors.


And we stocked up on plenty of Ghirardelli® Spring Impressions Squares to fill our baskets with.

Striped Color Block Basket


First things first: Use rope to transform the vibe and texture of your bucket. Start on the bottom by gluing one end of your white rope to the bucket. Wrap your rope around the bucket and keep wrapping until you’ve covered one to two inches of your bucket. Cut off the white rope and glue the end. Then start wrapping with your next color. And then, the next color! Seal each end with glue and your bucket will be totally transformed.


Plain old metal bucket? Totally gone.


We filled ours up with Ghirardelli® Spring Impressions Squares and a handmade paper flower.

Paper Flower Basket


Speaking of paper flowers, this next basket is all about them! Start by wrapping a metal bucket in white rope. Then, make a whole bunch of crepe paper flowers (the tutorial’s right here) in as many colors as you like. Use hot glue to attach a trio of flowers to the top of your basket, almost like a boutonniere :)


How festive is that?


For this basket, we’re assembling a scene for someone with a serious sweet tooth.

Pom Pom Basket


Next up, you can also use textured trims to add a custom touch to your basket. After wrapping your entire bucket in white rope, add a string of pom pom trim to the top of your basket.


We love the springy vibe this pom pom trim evokes.


Once again, fill your basket with a Ghirardelli® Spring Impressions Square in every flavor you can find.


There they all are, but we’ve got one more in store for you.

Stripes, Flowers *and* Pom Poms in One


This basket’s got all three customization options in one! Wrap a large bucket with rope in color blocked stripes. Then, add pom pom trim in between each color change. Then, attach a flower to the top of the whole thing. Done and done!


Now that’s better — you can fit way more sweets in this extra larger bucket ;)


Time to plan an Easter egg hunt!


Check out some of the adorable baskets and cards our guests made at the Ghirardelli event.


How cool is that spiral!


We love how vibrant and colorful this bucket turned out.


Gotta love a chocolate surprise inside a card!

This post is a collaboration with Ghirardelli.