Dinner party hosts have much to do including picking up all the Easter supplies and gifts they need, preparing food, caring for guests and making a statement with decorations. What better way to wow your guests than with some stand-out paper flowers? With Easter on the way, we’ve got a some floral table decorations that will get your party-goers talking. We’re stepping up our flower game and using crepe paper to create lifelike blooms.



– crepe paper

– floral wire

– floral tape


– scissors

– hot glue gun

– wire cutters

– dowels in various sizes



With spring on the way, we just had to make some pretty little tulips.


Cut six petals the shape you see in the photo. Then wrap the sides around your smallest dowel. Curl the top edge over your large dowel, bending the petal away from the side curls on three and toward the side curls on the other three.


You now have six petals ready to go.


Cut a piece of floral wire, fold it in half and then wrap it with floral tape. Remember the tape gets sticky as it stretches.


Hot glue your petals to the stem, starting with the petals that curl in and finishing with the petals that curl out. Add a small piece of floral tape to the base.


These exquisite tulips are at the stage when the petals are just about to drop. But you could easily curl all of the petals in the same direction for a more classic closed tulip.


Dainty ranunculus are the perfect flower to create out of paper, as the paper mimics the delicacy of the petals.


First cut each individual petal. You need seven large petals and seven small ones.


Then curl the sides and the top all in the same direction on each petal.


All ready to construct your bloom!


Snip a piece of wire and fold it in half. Then cut two small squares of green crepe paper. Crumple one into a ball and place it on the folded part of the wire. Then cover it with the other square of paper and secure it with floral tape.


Add your petals with hot glue, starting with the small petals, working your way around the stem and finishing with the larger petals. The bend in the petals should be facing inward. Wrap the base of the flower with floral tape to make it look clean.


Perfect little beauty.

Rip Van Winkle Daffodil

As you can tell by the title of this flower, we got really specific with this daffodil. Instead of a typical cup in the center, this variety has a bunch of small petals. It’s got a wild haircut and we like it!


Once again, cut out each individual petal.


You need ten thin petals, six medium and five large.


Bend the sides of the petals in with the dowels. Use the small dowel for the small petals, the pencil for the mid-size, and the large dowel for the largest petals.


Wrap your wire the same as you did for the tulip.


For this one we added a bunch of the smallest petals by simply wrapping them to the stem with floral wire.


Then we continued to add petals using hot glue. Add a piece of tape to the base and you’re done!



We couldn’t make flowers without making leaves, so here’s a quick and easy tutorial.


Cut out your leaves and bend them around your dowel.


Make a stem following the method for tulips and daffodils, and then glue your leaf to the stem. Wrap it with floral tape before you add the next leaf. Add as many leaves as you want and wrap each one with tape.


Now you have a bunch of flowers and leaves to play with.


Since we’re making these for an Easter party, we styled our flowers with our awesome wooden eggs kit.


Such a cute way to style your napkins.


Have you made crepe paper flowers before? Let us know the types of flowers you’ve created in the comments!