What do you get for the royal family who has everything? Incredibly adorable, realistic LEGO versions of themselves, tiny designer hats and all — that’s what. Obviously.

To celebrate this year’s Royal Ascot races, Queen Elizabeth’s hat maker, milliner Rachel Trevor-Morgan (pictured above!) commissioned master LEGO makers to recreate the women of the royal fam in bitty block form. And the results prove once again that LEGOs are an all-ages activity. And an international joy.

Let’s start with a side-by-side of the Queen herself!

All of the minifigs were fitted with Rachel’s gorgeous headwear, like Prince William’s cousin Princess Eugenia. Hey, Eu!

And her sis Beatrice.

There just cannot be a fashion-focused royal roundup without a hat tip to Kate Middleton.

And how about giving up some props for her gorgeous mum Carole Middleton, btw.

Prince Charles’ wife Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall looks just as smashing LEGO-fied.

How could we make Zara Phillips’ checkerboard feathers a thing here in The States — Nascar chic… meets the Kentucky Derby, maybe?

The whole crew makes playtime look downright elegant in front of a mini Windsor Palace that could give the Grand Budapest Hotel a run for its recreated real estate.

This might be a work of art commissioned for an exclusive royal event, but we could see the same concept going viral for a skilled sewer or indie designer looking for a new, nerdy way to show off their wares — what do you all think!?

Is there a LEGO lover in your life that would kill for a realistic minifig of themselves? Share below!

(h/t Geeksugar)