Whether you’re watching the races from a TV or you’ll be at the Kentucky Derby in flesh and blood, you know that “horse race” actually means “amazing hats.” We’ve seen celebs and derby-goers rock everything from a simple subtle bowler to a chapeau the size of a Chevy, all of which knock our socks off annually. For you, we have 10 classic options that will help you fit right in at the races and make a serious statement trackside… or TVside. Get ready to get your derby on.

1. Chantal Sinamay Hat ($88): Go ahead. It’s okay to be completely in love with this pink piece. Pair with a patterned dress and make all of your girl friends totally jeal’.

2. Floppy Straw Sun Hat ($215): Go big or, well… just go big! Between the chevron pattern and the lime green band, we’re sold on this fabulous option.

3. Stripe Floppy Sunhat ($35): This hat is modern and versatile. Pair it with everything.

4. Panama Sun Hat ($188): Step back in time with this classic chapeau and its ladylike vibe.

5. Kentucky Derby Hat Yellow and Blue ($232): Check out that bow! Who knew straw and silk could look so elegant together?

6. Flint Julep Hat ($30): The solid color of this simple pick is sure to pair with tons of fun colors. And the subtle flower detailing on the side adds the perfect little accent.

7. Black Mesh Derby Hat ($16): We’re sure this hat will make many appearances throughout the rest of spring and carry on through summer. And at only $16, it’s a steal!

8. Straw Derby Hat ($90): Bold colors and a fun pattern — that’s what you need to top off that mint julep in your hand.

9. Contender #10 Stealing Beauty ($350): It doesn’t matter where you come from, you’ll be a serious Southern belle in this hat. We love the soft curls peeping out from underneath, too.

10. Swing Wide Brim Hat ($350): Black and white are always in style, so this color blocked hat is sure to be a favorite forever.

Which of these hats are calling your name? Are you headed to the Kentucky Derby? Let us know in the comments below.