If you thought a fab tribute to your fave Wes Anderson flick = tossing on a faux-fur coat and applying some seriously graphic eyeliner, then these crafty superfans will show you what it means to take your DIY devotion to die-hard levels, “Margot Tenenbaum.” To celebrate the Blu-ray + DVD release of Anderson’s latest whimsical masterpiece The Grand Budapest Hotel, Ryan Zeigelbauer and his team of eight GBH buffs reimagined the fantastical lodge as a gigantic Lego replica.

Behold! The Grand Budapest Hotel built entirely out of Legos! More than 50,000 bricks were sourced from collectors and wholesalers from six countries to painstakingly erect this magnificent movie-inspired model. In the 575 hours of dexterous construction, no detail was overlooked: From the building’s signature pink ombre facade and the manicured gardens that dot the enormous hotel grounds to the arched sign that stands tall above the 7-foot tall structure.

Just like the flick, the time-lapsed process is a sight to see, especially around the one-minute mark when GBH star Tony Revolori, who plays endearing lobby boy Zero Moustafa makes a quick cameo to add a few final touches to the real life mock-up. Watch in complete wonderment and then see if you can’t resist blueprinting the plans for Steve Zissou’s submarine.

Are you rushing to your Lego set? Tell us what other epic DIY tributes you’ve made in honor of your favorite flicks below.

(via Uproxx)