Maybe not your personal one, but vaginas in general are being paid a lot of attention by science and technology these days. We have STD sensing condoms and female Viagra; WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE.

The latest vagiggle hack comes in the form of this cool new app. Ruby by Glow launched today as a digital way for women to track their sexual health. Glow is a San Francisco-based data science company and Ruby can help you track everything from your menstrual flow to your overall health. You can even track specific trends during your cycle and log info about your diet and exercise.


Ruby also taps Glow’s medical board and the reproductive health experts at to answer your sex questions. Want to know what kind of birth control to use or what that weird rash is? You can ask this app instead of delving into the hellhole that is Googling sex questions. NSFW doesn’t even begin to cover that.


For its launch, Ruby is partnering with a non profit called Huru International. Huru International works on distributing feminine health supplies to women in the developing world who are sometimes hindered from attending work or school because they don’t have the tools to deal with their flow. Ruby is donating to Huru International every time someone on Twitter uses the hashtag #TalkRubyToMe. Get to tweeting, ladies, and help out your far away sisters deal with cramps like bosses.


The app is available for free for iOS now so you can start tracking today. Go with the flow, queens, go with the flow.

What tech do you need to make your period easier? Tell us what you do or download in the comments!

(Images via Ruby by Glow and Huru International)