7 Reasons Why Sage Is the *It* Color for Your Home in 2018

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Move over, millennial pink — there's a new color in town! Sage has become a go-to for home decor, and if you've been scrolling through Pinterest lately, you've probably noticed this soft hue popping up in your feed more and more. We don't just love this calming shade because it's trending, although Pinterest's report of 100 top trends for 2018 says it's on fire, with a 170 percent increase (!) in saves. We're also ALL about this silvery-green because it's a magical neutral. It pairs perfectly with black, white, gray, natural wood, and metallics, and even all of our pretty pastels. Yes, even millennial pink. It's arguably our favorite Pinterest home decor trend, at least for the moment. Click through to see how the color brings a fresh new take to any room.

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