Samsung, Samsung, Samsung. You are really off your game this year. First there was the whole Galaxy Note 7 debacle, and then the exploding washing machines. Now there鈥檚 another phone exploding. When will it end?!


A Samsung Galaxy J5 smartphone caught fire in France, nearly injuring a four-year-old boy. Will this mean another recall, costing Samsung billions more? According to Gizmodo, Samsung believes the Galaxy Note 7鈥檚 issues are isolated to that particular model, but we鈥檒l have to wait and see.

Some potentially good news for Samsung is its plan to include a virtual assistant in the Galaxy S8. Bloomberg says the AI will be different from Siri and Google Assistant, and it better be, if Samsung is to have any hope of saving itself. Maybe Samsung should just focus on the safety stuff before adding anything new?

Samsung, if you don鈥檛 step up your game and fast, Google and Apple are going to take over.

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(h/t Bloomberg + Gizmodo, photos via Getty)