That very first finger painting is magical. Your kiddo came home from daycare and handed you a masterpiece that is certainly museum-worthy. You proudly pin it on the fridge, giving it the due display that it totally deserves. The next day your tot totes home another fab finger paint project. The day after, it’s a crayon drawing. Before you know it, you have your very own toddler art gallery that’s taking over your home. You kind of want to trash some of it, but you feel like the world’s worst parent for throwing away your child’s hard work. Check out why it’s entirely okay to toss your child’s artwork — when you use these space-saving ideas!

Three children hold up self-portraits

1. Rocketbook Color Notebook ($20 pre-order): Your kiddo loves to draw… but you can’t keep track of the mountains of papers that are filling their room, the playroom, the kitchen — and everywhere else. This little book works with Crayola washable products, and you can wipe them away once a work is complete. If you’re wondering how you could possibly erase your child’s precious portraits and super-fantastic scribbles, don’t stress: The notebook comes with an app to capture, save, and store everything they draw.

2. Keepy (Free for iOS and Android): This mega-popular app lets you organize and share your child’s artwork. You can create a timeline for each child, order prints (if you want to turn the artwork back into something on paper), make photo books, and even share via Instagram.

3. Plum Print: If you’ve ever considered turning your child’s masterpieces into an ottoman (seriously), this is for you. They send you a box, you fill it with art (paintings, drawings, and even sculptures), you send the box back, and their professional photographers snaps pics. Choose from a kind of awesome array of products, including photo books, throw pillows, and — yes — ottoman poufs. The pros at Plum Print can send the artwork back, but the idea is kind of to get rid of it. If that’s the case (and you don’t want a box of papers showing back up on your doorstep), they’ll escort it to “Artwork Heaven” for you.

4. Crayola Imaginables: Your completely creative kiddo just drew the most outrageously amazing creature, completely from their imagination! You want to save that drawing forever. Well, forever is a long time. And most likely their drawing will just end up at the bottom of a very tall pile of other artwork. Why not snap a pic, upload it, and send it off to Imaginables? They’ll take your child’s cool creation and turn it into an actual stuffed animal.

5. Artkive (Free for iOS and Android): Create an artsy archive that your family and friends can access from their devices. Photograph your child’s artwork, upload it, and create albums. If that’s just too much work, Artkive offers a concierge service too! They’ll send you a mailing label, and you send them the art. They’ll then professionally photograph it, load it into your account, and create a book for you. While the app itself is free, additional services and products (such as photo books) have fees attached.

6. Your Phone: Just because we live in an age where everything is an app’s length away, it doesn’t mean that you’re 100 percent technically proficient. If the farthest you go into teching out is emailing your boss from your cell, this may be the way to go. Snap a pic, and… well, that’s kind of it. You can even step up the storage game and take a photo of your child holding their artwork. Now you don’t have to add a date, a feeling, or anything else. You’ve got your four-year-old proudly smiling as they pose with their Jackson Pollock-esque masterpiece.

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