Scarlett Johansson may have inspired us with her speech at the Women’s March on Washington, but personally, she’s been going through her own struggles lately. Recently revealing that she has split from her husband, actor and French journalist Romain Dauriac, after just two years of marriage, the now single mother of a toddler admits that as a working mom, she’s “barely holding it together.”

Scarlett Johansson

During an interview with Entertainment Tonight at amFAR’s annual New York gala on Wednesday night, which marked the first time she’s stepped out publicly since announcing her separation (and was accompanied by her own mom, which we love), 32-year-old Scarlett revealed that balancing her career while taking care of her two-year-old daughter, Rose Dorothy, hasn’t been easy.

She admitted, “I don’t profess to know anything about parenting, anything more than anybody else. [But] being a working mom is an incredible challenge…” Though she did also acknowledge that it’s also “an incredible gift.”

Scarlett Johansson

But it’s a challenge that comes along with its drawbacks, as Scarlett pointed out, by continuing, “I think you always feel a little bit of guilt… if you’re at work, you feel like you’re missing out on those special moments with your kid. If you’re with your kid, you feel like you’re not giving enough to your job. It’s a balance.” And while she has “a lot of huge admiration for working moms,” she herself feels like she’s “barely, barely holding it together.”

Hang in there, Scarlett. You’re definitely not alone when it comes to the working-mom struggle. And with or without kids, plenty of us feel like we’re “barely, barely holding it together.” But just remember, we’re stronger together.

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(h/t People; photo via Gilbert Carrasquillo + Michael Stewart/Getty)