Creatives can relate to this: You see the most stunning shade of aqua/petal pink/marigold or whatever, and you make a mental note to keep an eye out for that color to use for your next project. Now, you can ACTUALLY recreate those colors on the spot and store them in a digital library, so you鈥檒l never forget a gorgeous hue. Coloring book junkies, rejoice! Scribble just made your world a whole lot more vibrant with the upcoming release of the Scribble Pen (from $119), and you can draw color inspiration from just about anywhere with the simple touch of a button.


Merely aim your pen at an object with an enviable hue, click and *BAM!* You鈥檝e captured its essence! Pretty cool, right? Run by a rechargeable battery that can last a whopping 15 hours (that鈥檚 a lottttttt of clicking!), the pen works with the help of a special built-in color sensor to 鈥減ick up鈥 your desired shade. A 鈥渟mart pump鈥 then mixes and dispenses the color for鈥攖a-da!鈥 instant dye magic.

And that鈥檚 not all. The pen is compatible with digital tablets (Surface Pro, Android, iPad and iPad Pro), so you can save the colors that inspire you most in your very own virtual color library, and even transfer them to programs like Photoshop and CorelDraw for digital use. Ink cartridges are refillable, and the ink itself is water-resistant. They really did think of everything!

Check it out in action below:

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(h/t Bustle, photos via Scribble)