It’s news to no one that at Brit + Co., we love color. Like, a lot. But even color pros can find it hard to put together just the right scheme. Whether you’re painting a room in your house or planning your wedding, we’ve compiled some color scheme generators and inspiration blogs so you can coordinate all the hues you desire!

1. The Perfect Scheme: Sometimes, when picking colors you don’t even know where to start. This blog grabs swatches from really pretty photos to get your color mojo flowing. It’s a pretty addictive scroll fest.

2. Color Hail Pixel: With this nifty, intuitive tool, you just move your mouse around the browser window to explore different colors. The lower you go, the lighter the color. Move from left to right to go from red to violet. Click to save a color you like, and it will line up your selections as you go!

3. Kuler: Just pick your scheme preference: monochromatic, complementary, triad, etc. Then move the little dots around the wheel and adjust ’til you find the right match! Be sure to check out the Explore feature for pre-made themes too!

4. Pretty Colors: Maybe all you need is a little pinch of inspiration to get you going. Pretty Colors fills your entire browser with one great swatch find at a time and may surprise you with a color you didn’t even think about!

5. Designspiration: Pick a couple colors, hit enter and watch them come to life in beautiful art from all over the net.

6. Pictaculous: Have an image of your own that would make a perfect scheme? Just upload it, and boom! Scheme created. How about a pineapple mint kitchen? Sounds delicious! (And the website works well on your phone, too!)

7. Color Blender: Just adjust the RGB sliders until you’ve got the scheme you’re looking for. It’s as easy as that!

8. 0 to 255: Click on a swatch, and you get variations of the shade from black to white. Seems simple enough but this kind of thing comes in handy when you’re trying to coordinate the perfect range of pastels.

9. Movies in Color: Cinephile color lovers, get ready for a game changer. This blog takes stills from iconic movies and puts together spectrums from each of them. A Marie Antoinette bathroom could be really elegant.

10. Design Seeds: This kind of combines all of the other tools in one place. Adjust your RGB slider until the color is what you want, then click for photos and schemes with that color. Or you can just scroll premade schemes.

What color tools do you use? Let us know in the comments below!