Selena Gomez definitely stirred up the internet when she debuted a short bob (even though later revealed to be a wig). The reason why is because while the style icon changes outfits like it鈥檚 nobody鈥檚 business, the singer hardly ever strays from her signature brunette tresses. But Gomez gave fans a sneak peek of her 鈥淏ad Liar鈥 video, and in it,*gasp* she鈥檚 BLONDE.

The 鈥淚t Ain鈥檛 Me鈥 singer posted to her Instagram stories last night to give her followers a sneak peek of the upcoming vid. The shot features her with a very 鈥70s feathered flaxen 鈥榙o with the caption, 鈥淟et get weird tomorrow.鈥 Whoa, is that you, Selena, or is it Farrah Fawcett?

While Gomez has definitely played with lengths before, going from long to short, she鈥檚 never messed with her color much. And the lighter hue totally works! While she鈥檚 most likely (okay, definitely) just sporting a wig again, maybe after this, she鈥檒l make the change for real.

The 鈥淏ad Liar Video鈥 drops today, so be ready to check out her new hair!

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(h/t Teen Vogue; photos via Jesse Grant/Getty + Selena Gomez/Instagram)