You guys. With the information we’re about to deliver, lovers quarrels, roommate yelling matches, and family fights around the world are going to instantly halt, dead in their tracks. Instead, people around the universe will walk into the kitchen and never, ever, ever see a dirty dish again. Are you ready for this?

It’s a freaking self-cleaning plate.

From the Swedish design duo, with the most fabulous name in the world, Tomorrow Machine, the cellulose serving-ware is covered in a superhydrophobic coating. That stuff super does not let any liquid molecules in. So all you have to do is turn the plate toward the trash and all the odds and ends fall off. And get this butterfingers of the world. That cellulose? It’s shatter proof, so go ahead and get rambunctious at dinner. (Seriously, can this get any better?)

This tabletop innovation came about for a more noble cause than saving your precious hands from taking the deep dive in a sink full of Dawn. Tomorrow Machine was recruited by the Swedish Forest Industries Federation to make products for the year 2035 that will make use of that material we’ve been talking about, cellulose. Not only does manufacturing the product take little energy, but since you won’t be running hot water for 15 minutes at a time (admit it, you do it) that does a little something for mother nature.

Other products this dream team are working on for the future include products that build and destroy themselves via 3D printing, a transparent digital touch screen, and a self-expanding bowl that basically doubles as an art piece.

So here’s the catch to all the wonderful. These dishes haven’t been approved to use with food just yet. Bummer, we know. But hold tight, buckaroos. The future has lovely, clean-up-free things in store for you.

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