When we stumbled across this whimsical bike planter a couple weeks ago, we got to thinking about May flowers, and all the charming ways you can bring a little greenery into the home. From wearable succulents to vertical herb pockets, here are 10 inventive planters perfect for a batch of May flowers.

1. Cork Planter Bookend Set ($48): Sandwich your favorite books between a pair of these ridiculously useful cork planter bookends. We love the idea of using these for herbs in the kitchen with cookbooks in between and recipes tacked on.

2. Sky Planter Inverted Flower Planter ($18): A great solution for a small living space, the sleek "Slo-Flo" internal irrigation system feeds water directly into the roots without dripping. Mix a few of these with a couple of pendant lamps for a gorgeous ceiling-scape.

3. Concrete Geodesic Planter ($68): Each of these planters is hand-cast by an artisan in Maine, and is inspired by historical geodesic dome architecture made famous by Buckminster Fuller. Lovely for succulents.

4. Ceramic Pig Planter ($30): Another Etsy find, this bright orange pig planter is made to order using a vintage 60s mold. Perhaps a good repurpose project for an old piggy bank?

5. Railing/Balcony Planter ($28): Want to turn your teeny balcony into a full on backyard? We think this would pair perfectly with the Handrail Grill.

6. Turning Triangles Terrarium ($39): Nothing complements a playful group of succulents like an industrial-looking geometric terrarium.

7. Wearable Planter ($20): Made by the same folks as the bike planter we're so fond of, this darling necklace is a great way to carry a little extra greenery wherever you go.

8. Pony Planters Set of 5 ($199): A sculptural plant system great for a small balcony or fire escape, these galvanized steel oblongs stack any way you like.

9. Salad and Herb Vertical Planter ($16): Like the pony planters, you can configure these pockets in any pattern you like. They're great for herbs and lettuces, and anything you'd like to have on hand in the kitchen.

10. Outdoor/Indoor Post Planter ($92): Kind of like tiki torches for plant life, these post planters add an awesome pop of color to any yard, and can contain herbs, succulents, and whatever small bits of flora you like.

How do you bring leafy greens and sweet succulents into your home? Know of any innovative planters we should know about? Leave us a note in the comments below or find us on Twitter.