Jackie O used it, Colin Powell used it and yet when we wrote up our top 10 selfie apps and gadgets we forgot a very, very important ingredient to many sweet selfies… the mirror. Sure, sometimes you can achieve Instagram Like-age with just a long arm and a leap of faith, but let’s not forget our old reflective friend. Or, actually, forget that old friend and let us introduce you to your new BFF — the selfie-taking mirror.

Digital agency iStrategyLabs created the number one thing to top our Office Must List: S.E.L.F.I.E., the Self-Enhancing Livefeed Imaging Engine. Aka… the selfie-taking mirror. This ish is doubly cool — not only is it, yes, a mirror that snaps selfies when you stand in front of it and smile, it’s the ultimate Ikea hack to rock all Ikea hacks. Freaking out yet? Same.

S.E.L.F.I.E is actually an Ikea medicine cabinet with a two-way mirror, a webcam and LEDs embedded behind it. A Mac Mini powers facial recognition software and Arduino controls the LEDs that light up when it senses someone’s ready for their close-up.

The selfie-taker steps up to a custom vinyl on the ground, smiles, S.E.L.F.I.E. scans their face for a grin, the LED lights flash and in 1.5 seconds, your picture is taken and ready to Tweet.

If you set S.E.L.F.I.E. up in an office, at an event, in a bar or even at a party (we could easily see it at any/all of the above) you could program it to Tweet with a given graphic (or hashtag!). The hope was to combine hardware, software and a great idea. Check, check, and, yeah, you did it, iStrategyLabs. Our version just might have to have some speakers so we can blast our theme song from it while we pose.

Where would you get the most use out of a mirror that snaps selfies? Share your great ideas below!

(h/t: Protein)