Oh hello! Nerd alert: it’s PI day! We’ve already served up pie pops up the wazoo, but we’ve always gotta make room for the most random of things. From a GIF made of 11 tattoos to Colin Powell’s old school selfie, we hope you enjoy this week’s edition of the BritList.

1. Fly Art Productions: A new single-serving Tumblr? Don’t mind if we do. This time, classic art meets hip hop lyrics to create true beauty. The caption: Boys playing soldier (1779), Francisco Goya / Crank That, Soulja Boy.

2. Tent Bedroom Cabin Bed: If I had a bed that was also a fort when I was little, I would never have complained about bedtime.

3. Bling ($11): It’s a gold credit card case that looks like a credit card. Soooo meta.

4. Bart Simpson Sweater Suit ($47): What?! Cropped sweaters with Bart Simpson graphics might be my new spirit animal.

5. Colin Powell’s Selfie: How incredible is this selfie? #nofilter

6. Stainless Steel Mesh Portraits: That’s right. Stainless steel mesh scraps arranged so brilliantly that they create the likenesses of a series of models. The gradations combine with ambient lighting to create insanely realistic portraits.

7. Life-Size Origami Elephant: Ready to have your mind blown? This elephant was created from a single piece of paper.

8. San Francisco Neighborhoods as Animals: The pigeon representing the Tenderloin is too perfect.

9. Chocolate Bunny Butt Cake: We recommend queueing up “Bubble Butt” by Major Lazer and reworking it to Bunny Butt. Okaythanksbye.

10. Horse In Motion Tattoo GIF: Designed by Evan Hawkins, this project is just what it looks like. And there are no secret Photoshop tricks. It is legit a stop motion animation of 11 individual frames tattooed on 11 individual people. Amazing.

11. Corpus Libris: We’ve seen projects like this before where folks pose behind a book cover, but these are just so spot on we couldn’t resist sharing.

12. A $2,500 Photography Book: Only Annie Liebovitz could pull this off. She partnered with Taschen to create this tome of photography, filled with exclusive photographs of celebrities over the years. (photo via My Modern Met)

13. Modern Needlework Chair: We just like the look of this chair. That’s all there is to it.

14. DOGTV: Obsessed with your little pooch? Then you should probably check out DOGTV, an entire television station designed to entertain dogs. (photo via Forbes)

15. Pragma Cutting Board: And finally, a beautiful piece that you don’t likely need… but likely want. It’s a cutting board designed to help you cut perfect slices of baguette. The only thing that’s mysteriously missing is a spot for cheese!

What’s the best thing you’ve seen online this week? Talk to us in the comments below.