Last week an app came out that made us a little sad. It was an app that shrunk you down to make you “skinnee” in your newly snapped selfie. That bums us out because we know you don’t need fake Photoshopping to take a selfie that brings all the double taps to the yard. You just need yourself. Yes, we all have our favorite angles and preferred lighting, but it’s not called a “fakie,” folks. Don’t download that other app (and if you already did, deleeeetttteeee iiiiitttt) and check out our roundup of 10 apps and devices that make us love the selfie. Just the way it is/you are.

1. Shots (Free): Get empowered with each long-armed portrait you post to the social network inside of this Bieber-backed app. Shots is a positive space to interact with other selfie sharers, NO cyberbullying allowed. The negative energy that thrives on so many other social networks isn’t allowed here. Weeeee! Right after their one millionth download, Shots just launched a new Reply feature, so you can talk with friends solely in selfie.

2. Hisy ($25): This little Bluetooth-enabled button is a group photo’s BFF. With just a tap, it will take a picture or video from anywhere. Call all of your friends together and tell them to get ready for their closeup. Or farup…

3. Selfie360 (Free): What do we love more than selfies and almost as much as GIFs? SELFIE GIFS! See your self portrait in action with an app that serves up a two-in-one worth sharing to your social networks.

4. Samsung NX Mini ($450): For the more serious photogs among us, here’s a “real” camera that lets you take your selfies the old-fashioned way. Kind of. This has a screen that flips 180 degrees so you can snap your mug in 20 megapixels sans smartphone. Even set it up so that it takes the pro pic when you wink at it. Cheese!

5. FrontBack (Free): There’s a whole section in the app store devoted to selfies, so we vote you download a fun one like Frontback as opposed to one that makes you feel crappy about yourself. Make sense? This is one of our fave photo apps, because it lets you take two photos at the same time with your rear and front-facing cameras. Such a fun idea that has inspired our own creative half-and-half-snapping around Brit HQ. PS – an Android version just launched!

6. ThirdLove (Free, $45 per bra): We have a REALLY good reason why you shouldn’t mess with your god-given selfies. Because the real deal can help you score the perfect-fitting bra of your lingerie dreams using ThirdLove’s awesome app. Snap two shelfie selfies and it uses a special computer vision technology to measure your chest size straight from your smartphone. Our prayers are answered — and ones for custom-made shoes will be soon enough, too.

7. Selfie Cam App (Free + in-app purchases): Enhance your photos the fun way — with “props” like glasses, wigs and funky effects! It’s like having a digital photobooth on your phone.

8. UrTurn (Free): For perspective: Remember the most Retweeted Tweet in the history of Tweets, Ellen’s Oscar selfie? Keep in mind that that was a picture of roughly a gazillion celebs — and NO ONE got publicist approval or touch ups. This ish wasn’t even filtered! If Angelina can do it, so can you, dude. We used UrTurn to put ourselves in Ellen’s shot then and today used it to put our head near Zac Efron’s abs. We said no fake stuff, but this is different, okay?

9. Luuv (approx $259): This camera stabilizer + your smartphone or GoPro are the only things you need to take action-packed, long or short videos of you or friends being the daredevils you all are. It’s crafted to make it easy to hold and shoot yourself(ie) on the go.

10. Flappy Selfie (Free): Put your little face on a little flappy bird and fly through the beloved/be-hated game. Why? Because, why not?

BONUS! Now you have the equipment and all of the apps at the ready to reach selfie nirvana, but you’re still missing something. A theme song. First… let us take a selfie. #Live.

Now, go out there! You are selfie, let’s see you roar.

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