Love it or hate it, the selfie stick is no longer just a gag gift. While we’re still getting used to seeing folks whipping out those silly tech accessories all over town, they are just too convenient to make fun of forever. We’re living in a selfie stick world now, people, but it’s no secret that some establishments aren’t so on board with that idea. Recently the Louvre announced that the new photo tool would not be allowed in the museum and just yesterday we broke the sad, sad news that a couple major music festivals like Coachella and Lollapalooza are also banning the accessory.


If you’re looking for a more sly method to get the perfect Insta shot, we’ve got just the solution: selfie shoes. Say whaat? Footwear company, Miz Mooz has created the perfect hands-free, super sneaky selfie stick alternative – let’s just hope you’re flexible (and not wearing a dress).

Okay, so before you have a minor freakout over the general well being of our generation, take a deep breath because we’re 99.9% sure this is an early April Fools’ joke. Priced at $199 a pair, these kicks feature a docking port for your phone in the toe. Stick your phone in the opening, kick that leg up and snap away using a sensor inside the toe.

While this is definitely a prank, we have to admit there are a few cool potentials this take on the selfie accessory advertises. One: its hands-free, now you can use both arms to master all kinds of model poses. Two: increased flexibility. We’re betting you’d work pretty hard to get that leg up high, because everyone knows those pics snapped from a low angle don’t do favors for anyone.

So no, the selfie shoe will not be making its way in front of the Mona Lisa or national monuments anytime soon, BUT if anybody has less ridiculous idea for a hands-free selfie accessory, we’re all ears.

Have you seen any fun April Fools’ pranks pop up on the web? Share with them with us in the comments below.