With Snapchat streaming custom Stories and Instagram on everyone’s phone, music festivals are all about capturing some of the most talked-about style and stage moments to make your non-attending friends suffer serious FOMO. The fests aren’t *just* about music anymore, but also about looking fab while getting down to musical acts big and small. Selfie sticks seem like the natural techcessories for snapping what’s onstage and on your bod, but you’re going to have to come up with plan B, people; the techcessories are banned from Coachella and Lollapalooza this year (the horror!). We can hear the tears of Insta-famous gals + guys raining down as we speak.

Street Style At The 2014 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival

Yep, that’s right. Although GoPros are allowed (without a pole or an extender), listed on Coachella’s Rules + Policies page under the “No” category are “selfie sticks + narcissists” (ha!). Over on Lollapalooza’s site “GoPro attachments like sticks, selfie sticks & monopods” are called out under the “Not Allowed” list. While the other big fests — like Governors Ball + Bonnaroo — haven’t banned selfie sticks yet, we want you to be fully prepared (here’s how to get likes on likes) for any situation so check out these other selfie tools that you should be able to sneak into the fests. For now…

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 1.59.12 PM

1. Podo (Launching in August): This stick-and-shoot camera allows you to snap selfies wherever you are on the festival grounds. Whether you want to stick it on your friend’s backpack or place it on a tent pole and back up, you’ll be able to get an epic and long range shot just like a selfie stick would. (Photo via @podolabs taken with Podo)

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2. HISY ($25): This Bluetooth remote enables you to rock out to your favorite band while holding up that selfie device (aka your phone) without needing the need for a practiced pose. All you have to do is click the remote and the perfect in-the-moment crowd shot will be complete. (Photo via @aybayy taken with HISY)

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3. Narrative ($149): Clip this tiny camera onto your body and you’ll be able to document an entire festival’s worth of selfies. After sliding this shooter on your top, it will automatically snap a shot every 30 seconds, taking in all the action at the festivals whether it’s you and your girls dancing or the action happening on stage. (Photo via @narrativeclip taken with Narrative)


4. Frontback (Free on iOS + Android): Yeah, Instagram just released Layout but why take the time to build a collage when all you have to do is snap away. Download this app and snap a selfie jamming to the music while simultaneously getting a shot of the onstage action at the same time. (Photo via @frontbackapp taken with Frontback)

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5. Selfie Ring ($20): Yep, there’s a selfie accessory that can double as a fashion statement. Slide these rings on, get your perfect pose on and score more likes than all of your friends with these snaps. (Photo via @selfieyuzuguu)

How are you planning on capturing your music fest moments? Let us know in the comments.

(Photos via Matt Cowan/Getty)