If you haven’t spent your lunch break digitally window shopping in the Brit + Co. Shop yet, get on it! It’s only the newest way you can get lost in color, pattern and straight up style. And the accessories department is no exception. For today’s splurge fest, we’ve rounded up our favorite necklaces in the shop. These would all make great accent pieces for summer wedding season, hint hint!

1. Crescent Color Block Necklace ($285): Created by one of first maker crushes, Porcelain and Stone, this color blocked necklace combines gold and porcelain beautifully.

2. Ombre Beaded Statement Necklace ($45): This bold beaded statement necklace makes it easy to infuse a little ombre into your outfits. The beads are hand-formed from polymer clay and the colors are hand-mixed to create a subtle color gradient.

3. Pink Tassel Ombre Leather Necklace ($68): This gorgeous bib necklace is definitely something you should wear on Wednesdays ;)

4. Wood Statement Necklace ($45): We love the bold shape of this wooden piece.

5. Chevron Rainbow Triangle Leather Necklace ($72): Oh my color! This technicolor style explosion is just what your little black dress needs.

6. Gold Dipped Scallop Necklace ($26): This dainty necklace and its sweet scallop shape make it a great layering piece.

7. Leaf Necklace ($75): For girls who love graphic tees, this graphic leaf necklace is an instant win.

8. Ocean Necklace ($45): We love this linear interpretation of ocean waves.

9. Daphna Braided Necklace ($40): And finally, a soft statement necklace made for folks who love a punch of color.

What’s your favorite necklace on this list? Tell us in the comments below.