Summer is officially here, and the latest fashion and beauty buys are begging to be a part of your next haul. Summer wedges under $100! Bronzers and tanners that’ll make you look like a VS Angel! Must. Have. It. All. Unfortunately, spontaneous purchases here and there can add up in a big way when you fill in your budget template or evaluate savings goals. So what’s a girl to do when she sees the BEST stuff and can’t seem to say no? We just found a seriously amazing solution: the “power pause.”


This concept comes from Jill Chivers, the brilliant blogger behind My Year Without Clothes Shopping. Looking to come to grips with her bad shopping habits and to spend money in a more practical way, she founded the site to help others get their shopping under control. Not only did she go an entire year without shopping AT ALL, but she completely restructured her money-saving techniques along the way, which is when the power pause was born. Color us impressed.

The “Power Pause”

Basically, the “power pause” is a tried and true tactic that Jill uses to curtail spontaneous spending. She says, “When you see something you desire and might want to buy — don’t purchase it straight away.” Though super simple in theory, taking time to think it over instead of clicking buy or rushing for the nearest register can have a serious impact on your bank account. Instead, the power pause will actually help you maintain the rush that you get from purchasing something you really love.


In fact, Jill says that shoppers who take an effective power pause of two hours to two days might realize a variety of factors that make them see that they didn’t need the item after all. This could be as quick as noting that a piece of clothing actually isn’t a good match for your current wardrobe, or realizing that you already have something super similar to the would-be new purchase. You might even forget about the item entirely.

And if you’re still dreaming about that perfect-fitting LBD or chic pair of sunnies after you’ve left the store or stepped away from your computer for a true pause? Treat yourself, girl. Life is way too short for non-buyer’s regret.

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(Photos via Getty, h/t Who What Wear)