Summer is approaching quickly and if you’re not one of the naturally blessed bronzed-skin beauties, here is the ultimate guide to some of the best self tanners and bronzers in all mediums. From towelettes to lotions to sprays, you are guaranteed to find your best faux tan here!

1. Mac Skinsheen Leg Spray ($43): Even though this is called a “leg spray” you can use it on your entire body. Technically a spray, this gel-based bronzer has a mousse-like texture (What?!? Whatever — it’s AMAZING). It is easy to match your skin tone to and, once it dries, this stuff will not smudge onto anything.

2. Tarte Rainforest Glow ($39): Anything “waterproof” can tend to be a little intimidating because you wonder if it’s going to feel nice. Have no fear, this product is packed with maracuja oil, an ingredient that’s rich in essential fatty acids that help the body produce healthy skin cells and vitamin C. Bonus: It’s a natural brightener and ultra hydrating.

3. Glo Minerals ($34): This luxurious body bronzer is great for all skin types and creates an immediate, all-over tan with a subtle shimmer. It’s packed with an exclusive antioxidant blend of vitamins A, C, E and green tea extract.

4. Pink Ready to Party ($18): This subtly-scented bronzer is packed with aloe, antioxidants and vitamin E to help nourish your skin while leaving a luminous finish. Perk: It also comes in four other sweet-smelling scents: Sunkissed, Total Flirt, Fresh and Clean, Warm and Cozy.

5. Too Faced Royal Oil ($35): The name alone is enough to sell us on this product (Royal Coconut Oil Bronzer… ummm yes, yes and yes!). This bronzer claims to give a warm, sexy glow while hydrating dry skin with its combination of mangosteen fruit and coconut oil.

6. Shiseido Bronzer Gel ($30): This combination of an immediate bronzer and a self tanner gets darker over time, initially giving your skin a sheer bronze tint with a dewy finish and then gradually darkening to a rich hue that’s as long-lasting as a suntan.

7. Owl Tan You ($13): Here at Brit + Co., we are suckers for a good pun and this bronzer has earned brownie points for its owlsome name (sorry… too much of a hoot :). This product is a tan booster with immediate responding bronzer, so it’s ultimately intended to help you get your tan on faster.

8. Alpha Beta Glow Pad ($48): With a five-star rating across the board, these little tan-in-a-towel gems are a must try! Besides that, they also exfoliate AND firm your skin.

9. VITA LIBERATA Rapid Tan Mousse ($43): Proudly formulated without parabens, sulfates or phthalates, this mousse-based self tanner will show results in an hour and continue to darken over time, lasting as long as four to seven days. It’s also available in an even longer-lasting two to three week variety for $54.

10. Mint Chocolate Body Butter ($7): Of course we are all about beauty DIYs, so we’re happy to support a fellow artisan who crafts her own mint chocolate body butter. Made to order, the yummy-sounding mousse (you know you thought so too!) is all-natural, non-GMO, cruelty-free and 100% organic — those are big pluses in our book. The cacao powder serves as a subtle, natural bronzer that is nothing short of a treat for your skin!

11. St. Tropez Tanning Mousse ($43): Because of its mousse-like texture, this self-tanning bronzer is lightweight and easy to apply. It dries in 60 seconds, is streak-free and does not have “that smell” (you know the one).

12. Kiehl’s Self-Tanning Formula ($23): This non-greasy tanning lotion does not have an immediate bronzing effect, however, it’s made with apricot kernel oil, cocoa seed butter and vitamin E to help nourish your skin while delivering a gradual tanning effect.

13. Sigma Body Brush ($45): Now, this is neither a bronzer nor a self tanner BUT this little tool is a must-have for bronzing allover! Keep this body brush in your purse and use it with any powder bronzer when you need a quick-fix color kick.

14. Baked Body Bronzer ($12): This is just what we’re talking about: This face and body bronzer is a great product to use with the Sigma Body Brush! It’s a highly-pigmented, luminous bronzer that goes on evenly and is long-lasting (for a powder).

15. A Tan For All Seasons ($36): What’s great about this self-tanner is that it will absolutely NOT transfer onto any of your clothing (it’s quick-drying). It’s formulated with an instant bronzer that helps you see where it’s being applied so you can get even-looking coverage much easier.

What are your go-to bronzer products for giving your skin that summery boost? What makeup brands do you swear by? Tell us in the comments below.