There’s never been a better time to pursue a side hustle. But even if all the signs to start your hustle are there, being an introvert comes with a tricky set of anxieties that can make starting your own business seem frustratingly out of reach. Luckily, while some side hustles require you to become an outgoing saleswoman or outlandish brand ambassador, not all of them require you to show up with a Type A personality in tow. Here are a dozen gigs that even the most introverted girlbosses can excel at. Now go get ‘em, lady!

woman reading a book

1. Book Reviewing: If you’re the type of gal who’s always lugging around a healthy stack of paperbacks, you should definitely consider book reviewing as your side hustle. While most reviewing gigs don’t pay, you can score a ton of free ARCs (Advance Review Copies) through publishers just by promising to write an honest review on websites like Goodreads. Umm, free books? Yes, please!

2. Selling on Etsy: Whether your crafting obsession is knitting tiny hats for cats or hand-stamping fine artisanal jewelry, selling your homemade goods on Etsy is a popular hustle that almost anyone can start. Along with being able to hone your craft and create daily, this hustle is perfect for introverts, as all communication regarding orders can be done online in your comfy PJs.

3. Dog Walking: It’s pretty much common knowledge that dogs are better than people. If you’re a dog lover, we strongly suggest signing up for a dog walking service like Wag!, which allows pup enthusiasts to apply to become a certified dog walker. With prior dog experience, all you need to do is pass the collar and harness test and the situational assessment to start walking dogs in your area. One of the things we love about this particular service is that walkers have the choice to accept or deny any walk requests as they come, so you’ll have total control of which situations will work for you.

4. Publishing an eBook: Do you know a lot about a particular subject or have a burning story idea rustling in your mind? Why not create an ebook? There are a ton of free programs which can give you the DL on self-publishing, and uploading an ebook on Kindle will earn you anywhere between a 35-70 percent royalty on the price of the ebook. Plus, self-publishing a book can also transform your career (AKA your main hustle). Time to start working on your writing chops!

5. Becoming a Calligrapher: From wedding envelopes to personalized wall decor, selling calligraphy online is a great business for those who have a knack for lettering. Make sure to create a lettering Instagram account and then either start small by selling to friends or family or try your hand at selling on marketplace platforms like Etsy. If you’re looking to brush up on your skills (pun intended!), check out our awesome online classes for Calligraphy 101, Brush Calligraphy, or Fauxligraphy.

6. Freelance Writing or Designing: If you already have a talent for writing, editing, or graphic design, there are tons of easy ways to pick up a one-off gig and make some extra moola. Check out popular sites like Upwork or Fiverr — depending on your skill level and experience, you’ll be able to score high-paying gigs and maybe even gain some valuable skills to add to your resume.

7. Selling Stock Photos: Do you love taking pictures of beautiful scenery? Is your Instagram feed on point? If you have a passion for photography, consider selling stock photos. Make sure you start by building your portfolio, and then reach out to as many stock photo hubs as possible to see your work. For the inside scoop on how to start this hustle, check out The Penny Hoarder’s detailed how-to here.

8. Flipping Vintage Goods Online: Y’all know how the OG girlboss Sophia Amoruso got her start — by flipping awesome vintage finds on eBay and selling them for a profit. Today, that business model is still ridiculously viable. Heck, you can even go one step further by selling your own used goods using websites that will let you sell your clothes for cash.

9. Growing Your Own Veggies: We love stopping by the farmers’ market for some fresh fruit and veg… so why not do it ourselves? All you’ll need is some seeds, green space, and a little TLC to get started. And if you’re nervous about manning your booth at the market, just bribe one of your besties to take the lead or pay them with a cut of the profits. Problem solved!

10. Becoming a Virtual Assistant: Becoming a virtual assistant is a great way to make a few extra bucks without ever having to leave your home office. Because virtual assistants can do a myriad of tasks for their clients — from providing administrative assistance to brainstorming new ideas — you can tailor your gigs based on your personal skills and schedule.


11. Starting a YouTube Channel: Okay, we know that starting a YouTube channel may be a little nerve-wracking for introverts, but if you can get into the mindset that you’re dealing with a camera and not actual people then starting a YouTube channel could be a great success. We recently partnered with The Sorry Girls Becky Wright and Kelsey MacDermaid to create an awesome class about how to build a successful YouTube channel online. Check it out, and make sure to send your awesome videos our way! (Photo via The Sorry Girls)

12. Launching a Niche Subscription Service: Whatever you’re passionate about — whether it’s organic period products or a specific fandom #ship — there’s likely to be a ton of people who share your niche obsession. Starting a subscription box is a great way to fuel this passion even further, and it involves a relatively low number of face-to-face interactions. There are a ton of handy resources out there for bosses who are looking to start an awesome subscription service (including this awesome article from Cratejoy), so do your research, be original, and don’t forget to have fun with it.

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