As much as we love our texting, emojis and Bitmoji, sometimes you need to freestyle sketch to really get your point across. As it stands now, there’s just no room in our texting life to make an Ann-Friedman-type venn diagram… and sometimes we just can’t explain our brilliant ideas without an Ann-Friedman-type venn diagram. Well now you can. Adorable pencil-sketched doodles are now happening in your instant messaging universe thanks to Sketchat.


The beauty of this new (and free) iOS app is in its simplicity. Imagine the barebones features of SnapChat, where no one expects you to put filters on your videos and pictures — hey just want to see what you’re doing IRL. The same goes for Sketchat — keeping it simple is the ultimate goal. So forget being able to search through dozens of colors. This app is all about hand-drawn messages that you can draw fast, zoom in on, add details to and use to just say something sweet… or not sweet. It’s up to you.


Beyond that, Sketchat ensures that your texts are more presonal and more original than the use of the standard emoji. Like Snapchat, the app even keeps all your contacts organized based on current Sketchat conversations. That way you’ll make sure you don’t accidentally send any love letters to your boss.

Have you tried out Sketchchat? What did you think of it? Let us know in the comments below!