Remember how Instagram just announced it was deleting all spam accounts to make the community even more authentic and everyone got nervous about their follower count? (Okay, we’re still a little nervous about that). Well, the photo-sharing app is staying busy deep into the holiday season: the company just released its first new filters in two years — five, to be exact. ‘Tis the season for filter experimentation as of today, so let the selfie party — and present showing off — commence!


The camera phone game has changed a lot in the four years since Instagram launched. With capabilities vastly improving, the OG Insta filters that helped our grainy shots look a little better (hey, Mayfair and Willow) are not the only ones we have to choose from anymore.


That’s where the new filters — Slumber, Crema, Ludwig, Aden and Perpetua — come in. These five are much more subtle and softer, which help you take advantage of higher image quality (thanks, iPhone 6) while still allowing you to make the shot your own in a moody or bright way.


Not only do the five new filters add an extra injection of personalization to your photo-sharing, but Instagram has also made it tremendously easier for you to select the filter you want. Now, each filter option has a blurred preview of what the photo will look like, so no more having to click to preview each and every filter before selecting the one for the shot.


Want more updates? Instagram’s got ’em. Those five new filters will be at the front of your filter tray, making it easy to identify the newbies. You’ll also be able to play a game of word association while editing your square shot: each filter has the letter associated to its name stamped in the center of the preview.


Additionally, to make your ‘gram game even stronger and more efficient, you can now manage your filter library (genius!). Scroll to the end of your filter list and click the Manage button to get your organization on.


Not only can you now rearrange your faves so you don’t have to endlessly scroll through all of the filters, but you can also completely hide the ones you have no interest in. TTYN, Sutro ;)

With all the excitement of new filters and filter management, Instagram also slipped in some bonus updates that may fly under-the-radar. Users can now upload slo-mo video, comment in real-time (refreshing your feed is so 2012) and adjust the perspective of your photo. To find out even more about those features, head to Instagram’s blog.

Instagram is available for both iOS and Android.

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