Let's be honest, when it comes to the world of beauty, there's nothing quite as visually satisfying as a well-organized #shelfie. Where that once meant overloaded medicine cabinets stylized by color or category, lately on Instagram it's all about storing skincare goodies in your refrigerator. But can cooling your exfoliators, moisturizers, and targeted treatments actually make a difference when it comes to their efficacy? Keep reading to find out.

the cool reason to refrigerate your beauty products

If you're a skincare aficionado, then you're aware that using only the freshest ingredients or maintaining tightly-sealed containers will keep your complexion looking its best. After all, there's a reason why beauty products, like food, come with expiration dates. While knowing when to keep or toss your most trusted formulas is essential, there's something to be said about storing them in a chilly climate too. "By placing products in the fridge, they will have a longer shelf life [especially if they're organic or preservative-free] and will be exposed to less bacteria," Melissa Doft, a NYC-based board-certified plastic surgeon, says. She explains that a drop in temperature, paired with the darkness a refrigerator offers, also means a higher efficacy of vitamins (vitamin C and retinol in particular) since they won't spoil from sunlight exposure. As an added bonus, colder temperatures can help decrease inflammation and puffiness. (Photo via @overglowedit)

Which Beauty Products Should Chill Out

According to NYC-based celebrity facialist Cecilia Wong, not all skincare products should be refrigerated, as plummeting temperatures can actually affect the compounds in the formula and cause ingredients to break apart. "Gel- or serum-based products can be chilled since they won’t separate," Wong says. "Toners are my favorite to [store in the fridge as the lower temperature] amplifies the calming and soothing power." Facial sprays, face masks (especially of the serum-soaked sheet variety), and eye creams are also worth stashing. These skincare goodies are largely used to nourish skin, so a touch of coolness can be just the thing to boost your routine. (Photo via Evgeniy Skripnichenko/ Getty)

It's not just products that can benefit from a little fridge time; beauty tools can too. "You can pop a jade roller into the fridge to cool it, and it will help a lot to de-puff and increase circulation," Joanna Vargas, a celebrity facialist and founder of Joanna Vargas Salons and Skincare, says.

To discover firsthand how your complexion (as well as the shelf-life of your products) can profit from a dip in temperature, you have two options. Store them in your kitchen's refrigerator alongside last night's takeout or shop one of the millennial-approved mini ice boxes below. Coveted by beauty influencers and everyday gals alike, these cooling gadgets will upgrade your skincare routine, in addition to your Instagram feed.

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