Raise your hand if your beauty routine consists of digging through your makeup bag, shuffling between different spray bottles and makeup brushes while frantically searching for that perfect shade of red lipstick. Everybody? We thought so. Living in a small space might mean even less space for hair and beauty products (we know, it makes the beauty-obsessed in us cringe too), but that doesn’t mean you can’t have the organized makeup vanity of your dreams. Take your beauty storage to the next level with these space-saving storage hacks.

1. Jar It Up: Store your makeup brushes and lip glosses in pretty jars and cute vases to save precious counter space while displaying your fave products. This one is worth a trip to the thrift store for some vintage finds. (via StyleCaster)

painted jars qtips

2. Paint It Pretty: Looking for a way to jump on board the mason jar trend? Paint, decorate and add pretty knobs to the tops of clear jars and store cotton balls, cotton rounds and Q-tips. (via Eighteen25)

bobby pin magnet

3. Bobby Pin Strip: Bobby pins everywhere driving your S.O. mad? Prevent them from getting lost by using a magnetic strip to keep ’em all in one place. (via Cosmopolitan)

diy brush holder

4. A Cup of Beauty Tools: If you’re short on counter space, these DIY cup holders can hold all your brush and makeup tools while keeping your counter clutter free. Bonus points for using on-trend copper cups. (via Apartment Therapy)

cabinet magnets

5. Door Magnet: Take advantage of unused space behind your vanity mirror using magnetic cups and pegs. Just make sure you’re still able to close the door! (via Better Homes & Gardens)

organized beauty products

6. Portable Trays: Store your beauty products in modular trays that can be pulled out and then easily shoved back in a drawer on busy workday mornings. Try organizing by product (lipsticks with lipsticks) OR by theme (everyday vs special-occasion makeup). (via The Zoe Report)

magazine holder hair tools

7. Hot Hair Tool Holder: Make a standard office supply pull double duty by using it to store your hot hair tools. You could even use contact paper to customize a plain ol’ magazine holder with any pattern you like. (via Cosmopolitan)

shoe organizer blow dryer

8. Hang It Up: A hanging shoe organizer is great for storing larger hair products behind the door — yet another hack for making space where there was none. (via Cosmopolitan)

organized drawer

9. Drawer Inserts: These wooden drawer inserts make organizing smaller makeup items a cinch. You could even repurpose a utensil organizer for this hack. (via Good Housekeeping)

magnetic makeup board

10. Magnetic Makeup Board: This DIY magnetic makeup board is a genius way to show off all of your beauty products while keeping your drawers and counters free. With just a few supplies, this is a DIY you could finish in, oh, two or three episodes of Jessica Jones. (via Janicki Photography)

11. Organized Hot Hair Tools: Heat-safe canisters inside of drawers and cupboards can safely hold your hot hair tools and keep pesky cords at bay. (via Better Homes & Gardens)

hair tool tray

12. Heat-Safe Tray: …Or if your drawer and cabinet space is tight, use a heat-safe tray to hold your hot hair tools. In a pretty pattern, the trays double as bathroom decor. (via Better Homes & Gardens)

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