If you think you need tons of space at home to get a good workout, you’re mistaken. There’s plenty of legit equipment out there to amp your workout without dedicating your space to an entire home gym. In fact, we found a solid lineup of fitness goodies that are easy to stow away so you never have to think about working out until it’s actually time to do it.

yoga kit

1. Gaim Yoga Kit for Beginners ($30): Yoga is the perfect practice for all ages and skill levels. It’s not all bolsters and “om,” either. Depending on what your goals are, it can make you break a serious sweat. This kit has all you need to get started, including a DVD.


2. Mini Handweights ($21): Barbells not your style? These little handy weights are everyone’s style. They’re covered in foam so they’re easy to grip and they come with fun, bright, colorful accent options so you can get some that match your tennis shoes.

trx suspension

3. TRX Suspension Kit ($200): Using just your body weight and this kit, you can build a long, lean physique with a seriously solid core. The straps come with door anchors, so you can strap them up and workout anywhere in the house. The kit even comes with six video workouts.


4. Resistance Band Exercise Cords ($10): These elastic bands provide a powerhouse of workout potential. From basic stretches to intense training sessions, you’d be surprised at how good of a workout you can get with these babies.


5. BOSU Basic (starting at $120): Unless you have a whole home gym set up, an entire balance ball may be more of a space commitment than you’re willing to make. This stable alternative has new potential for a core-focused workout. And the best part is, when you’re done with it, you can just slip it under your bed. (via PopSugar)


6. Kinesis Personal Heritage (price upon request): By just adjusting the resistance level, you can personalize your at-home workout to suit your skill level with this slim but expansive workout system for resistance, balance, strength and flexibility.


7. Kettlebells (starting at $17): People swear by these things. Kettleballs have put a new spin on the design of weights, giving you the ability to try out different kinds of workouts than what your body is used to.


8. Chromed Single Barbell Set ($137): These barbells are so sleek, your friends may not even notice that these are weights. They’re stored on a chrome bar, so when they’re not being used they could easily be mistaken for modern art in your living room. (via Alias Design)


9. FitDesk ($300): Do you work from home? Well, you can work out from home at the same time. You may not want to go all hardcore while you’re on a conference call or trying to make a tight deadline, but for some steady, consistent cardio that provides an alternative to stagnant sitting, you may want to give this a shot.


10. Wii Fit U + Board ($90): Go digital! This is the slimmest option of the bunch. Gamify your workout with guided Wii games made to get you in shape without even noticing.

What do you have in your at-home fitness arsenal? Let us know in the comments!