With health and fitness resolutions motivating us to amp up our gym routines, we thought it was the perfect time to examine exactly what killer workout apps we should be using to get our beach bodies in gear this year. We’ve already got a few on our list, but we needed to know: What are your fave new workout apps or ways to workout from your phone? You guys didn’t disappoint—in true athletic fashion, you raced to Brit’s Twitter and Facebook to share your thoughts, which we’re revealing here! Presenting: the top five workout and fitness apps for 2014, according to you!

1. FitStar Basic (Free for iPhone and iPad): It’s no wonder FitStar came in as your top workout app of 2014: it’s like having a personal trainer in your pocket. The app totally takes the guesswork out of exercising by customizing workouts based on your capabilities, goals, and most importantly, your feedback. At the end of each workout—lead by NFL star Tony Gonzalez, btw—you’re asked to rate the exercise, then based on your answers, the app adjusts the intensity of your regiment, creating both attainable workouts and attainable long-term goals. So whether you’re a workout newbie or fitness freak, FitStar will instruct you at your preferred fitness level. For extra guidance, including exclusive workouts and nutritional information, you can download FitStar Premium for $4.99/month—still way less than what it costs for personal training at your gym.

2. Nike Training Club (Free for iPhone and Android): Your number two workout app is totally Brit-approved: Nike Training Club (NTC) is one of our go-to apps for fitness on the go. What’s cool is that the app is goal oriented: it has you choose individual workouts based on whether you’re looking to get lean, toned, or strong, and allows you to enhance your sessions with customized drills. Best yet, you can rely on NTC for extra motivation when you’re looking for a boost: not only do you get milestone trophies that you can share with friends on Facebook and Twitter, but you get serious visual inspo from the app’s collection of workouts lead by world-class athletes like soccer star Sydney Leroux and tennis bombshell Maria Sharapova.

3. barre3 ($4.99 for iPhone): If the number one reason you don’t workout is that you’re hard pressed for time, then listen up: the barre3 app is gonna be a total game changer. This Madonna-approved workout channels the grace and strength of ballet, yoga, and Pilates into low-impact workouts that feature isometric holds and small range of motion. But you don’t need to live near a barre3 studio or have an actual ballet barre on hand to get a muscle-quivvering workout: the app optimizes lessons into 10-minute sessions that can be performed nearly anywhere. With such seamless integration into our busy schedules, plus the fact that you can do most of these workouts in your street clothes, means that we’ll definitely be buddying up to barre3. Thanks for the tip, guys!

4. Strava Cycling (Free for iPhone and Android): If you’re a cyclist with a competitive edge, Strava is a must-have companion on every ride. The app is a multi-tasking maven that makes recording each and every aspect of your ride anything but an uphill battle. It tracks and saves your routes, records key stats like distance, speed, elevation gained, and calories burned during your workout, and also collects data like heart rate and power. All this ensures that you’re staying on top of your game, but what if you’re curious about how you match up with other avid riders? The app lets you compare your performance against other athletes who’ve ridden the same route or competed in the same Strava-endorsed challenges. Prefer two feet to two wheels? You’ll be happy to know there’s a version of this app specifically for runners.

5. Pact (Free for iPhone and Android): Pact might be the ultimate way to actually stick to your resolution to eat healthier or go to the gym more. Why? Because once you join Pact and state your goals, you’ll get paid for keeping your fitness-focused promises, which are verified by other Pact members through gym checkins or snapshots of your well-balanced meals. BUT, if your commitment to a healthier lifestyle is as fickle as Saturday Night Live’s Resolution Revolution short, then you’ll have to pay… literally. The cash stakes are flexible, and you’re notified of your earnings (or unfortunately, your losses) every week. Sure it may sound a little risky at first, but according to Pact, the incentive-driven app has helped its members hit more than 92% of its goals. According to you, it’s way worth the gamble.

Missed our call for your favorite workout apps? No worries! Sound off on your current faves with us in the comments below.