When the holidays inevitably come to a close, we’re all left feeling a bit… blah. Maybe it’s all the salt from the perfect ham or the mounds of sugar from the dozens of Christmas cookies we inhaled (no judgement here!). What you really need to conquer that feeling is a smoothie to get back to your best self. Adding more fruits and veggies to your diet via these easy-to-make drinks will leave you feeling energized, less bloated and ready to take on the world like the girl boss you are. Keep reading for 13 nutritious smoothie recipes that’ll get you out of that post-holiday slump ASAP.

Avocado Smoothie

1. Creamy Avocado Kale Smoothie: Some smoothies are snacks, while other smoothies are meals. This avocado kale smoothie is definitely filling enough to be an energizing breakfast on the go. (via My Modern Cookery)

Beet smootie

2. Berry & Beet Smoothies: The rich hue of this smoothie comes from gorgeous beets and raspberries. It’s so pretty you almost forget just how nutritious it is. (via Foxes Love Lemons)

Blueberry Muffin Smoothie

3. Healthy Blueberry Muffin Smoothie: Let’s be real — most muffins are just cupcakes disguised as breakfast. Lucky for us, though, this good-for-you blueberry muffin smoothie is full of oats and delicious morning flavor. (via Baking-Ginger)

Carrot Smoothie- Stree

4. “Stress Buster” Orange Smoothie: If you’re starting to feel a bit under the weather, this smoothie will get your immune system back in working order. (via Simple Healthy Kitchen)

Cherry Coconut Smoothie

5. Cherry Coconut Smoothie: Cherries are amazing for brain function, so if you need a little help staying focused these days, this will be your new favorite smoothie. (via Little Sugar Snaps)

Cranberry Mango Layered Smoothie

6. Cranberry Mango Layered Smoothie: You know you have some cranberries left over from all of your holiday cooking. Throw them in this smoothie that’s perfectly layered with sweet mango and spinach. (via Peas and Crayons)

Matcha Smoothie with pineapple, kale and coconut

7. Matcha Green Tea And Pineapple Smoothie: If lack of energy is the problem you’re facing, this matcha and pineapple smoothie will give you the boost you’re looking for. (via Feasting at Home)

Mocha Smoothie

8. Midnight Mocha Smoothie: Your daily Starbucks runs will be a thing of the past after you try this smoothie packed with protein, fruit and (you guessed it!) coffee. (via Hummusapien)

Oatmeal Cookie Dough

9. Oatmeal Cookie Dough Smoothie: We admit it: This smoothie sounds more like a milkshake. However, it’s sweetened with dates and flavored with cinnamon and vanilla, making it a treat that only sounds naughty. (via In It 4 the Long Run)

Pomegranate Smoothie

10. Winter Pomegranate Citrus Smoothie: Stock up on ripe seasonal pomegranates while you can. Try freezing them at their peak so that you can have this smoothie all year long. (via Boys Ahoy)

Superfood Pumpkin Smoothie

11. Superfood Pumpkin Pie Green Smoothie: There are many ways that you can incorporate seasonal flavors into your everyday smoothie regimen. This recipe uses pumpkin puree, pecans and cinnamon to mimic the taste of pumpkin pie. (via Root and Revel)

Eggnog Smoothie

12. Eggnog Smoothie: No one said you have to give up eggnog after Christmas. Try this healthier smoothie version as a pre-yoga treat to wake you up in the morning. (via Eat Spin Run Repeat)

Master Immune Smoothie

13. Master Immune Boosting Smoothie: Spending time with the family during the holidays is great. What’s not great is the copious amount of germs that they bring with them. Fight off post-holiday sickness with this delicious immunity-boosting smoothie. (via The Awesome Green)

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