When Snapchat’s new filters were introduced a few weeks ago, we’re guessing you were probably bombarded with hilariously weird snaps of super scary skeleton faces, googly heart eyes and oh ya, people puking up rainbows. Sadly, those have now been replaced by different filters (because you can only send the same selfie so many times), but if you want to keep the social media memory alive, we recommend you look to beauty vlogger Brittany of GettingPretty for a little bit of Halloween costume inspiration.

In a quick and easy video, Brittany immortalized that infamous, rainbow filter by transforming it into a hilarious (but also totally trippy) beauty look. She starts by making her eyes appear bigger with the help of white eyeliner (a technique used by many a makeup artist). She then applies her base face like normal but makes sure to go heavy on the blush since the filter makes your cheeks look especially rosy. Finally, Brittany uses face paint to create that rainbow effect and makes it sparkle by highlighting it with a little bit of white liner. And voila!


If you’re looking to turn this into a group costume, we vote you rock this colorful makeup while your buds create looks that resemble the heart eyes, the old person transformation, the cyborg and since it’s Halloween, maybe even that super terrifying demon face. To anyone hoping to finally be featured on your local snap story, this is pretty much a guaranteed way to achieve that goal.

Would you wear this makeup for Halloween? Share with us in the comments below.

(Photo via @gettingpretty)