Just like everyone else that鈥檚 obsessed with all things social media, we鈥檝e fallen for聽Snapchat (follow us, duh!). As we聽spend聽more and more time on the social media app we鈥檙e constantly uncovering its secrets. From discovering the best Snapchatters聽to consuming media content,聽we could pretty much stay on Snapchat all day without getting bored. And now with its latest update, the platform may truly聽accomplish that.

In a new blog post聽Snapchat聽shared a trifecta of updates that are sure to get users new and old excited 鈥 for the most part. The new stuff sure to have rave Snapchatter reviews are selfie overlays and a fresh feature, the trophy box. The other update is a mixed bag, as Snapchat is offering up more Replays at a cost. Check out all the deets聽about the聽trio of new Snapchat happenings below.

snapchat lenses

1. Lenses: It鈥檚 time to give those Snap selfies a聽major聽upgrade and we鈥檙e not talking about just some emoji action. With Snapchat鈥檚 new Lenses tool you can now add overlays to your selfies, from rosy cheeks and a rainbow tongue to a total transformation of your face (think聽wrinkled with a monocle). After updating the app to get these effects activated all you鈥檝e gotta do is press and hold your face on the screen so it鈥檚 detected, then swipe through the options at the bottom of the screen before snapping an altered selfie and shooting it to all your friends.聽We鈥檙e super excited about this new feature, but that might be because it reminds us of the recently released GIPHY CAM app.

snapchat paid replays

2. Paid Replays:聽After debuting Replay in its Additional Services nearly two years ago, Snapchat is refreshing the Replay feature once more. This time with a catch, however. That鈥檚 right you can now relive moments more than once per day now, but it鈥檚 at a cost. Starting at 3 Replays for $0.99, you can Replay any received Snaps, marking Snapchat鈥檚 first foray into in-app purchases.聽Snapchat clearly realizes its cost of Replays isn鈥檛 necessarily a cheap one and that it could come with a little backlash so聽the聽company聽playfully acknowledged those feelings. 鈥淭hey鈥檙e a little pricey 鈥 but time is money! ;)鈥

snapchat trophy case

3. Trophies: The last new update is the Trophy Case. Similar to FourSquare, Snapchat users can now earn virtual awards and stickers based on how well they are using the app. To find your own Trophy Case head to your Snapchat Profile Page and hit the trophy icon up top. No word on what you can potentially be awarded at the moment, so keep checking it to see if you鈥檝e been awarded extra stickers. We鈥檙e imagining聽there will be a 鈥淔eatured in X City鈥檚 Snap Story鈥 sticker and a 鈥淲atched Every Channel鈥檚 Discover Story Today鈥 gold star, you?

What new Snapchat feature are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments and make sure you follow us on Snapchat.