So… that all-black pair of sunglasses doesn’t necessarily scream “party time” when you’re chillin’ on the beach, but those neon frames don’t at all vibe with your power suit from 9 to 5. It’s sad, but true: One stellar pair of sunglasses just can’t quite step up to your dynamic social demands, or even please your ever evolving inner stylist (Tortoise shell? What was I thinking?). SnapShades is about to change all of that by letting you piece together your perfect pair of color block sunnies over and over again.

With a line of interchangeable parts that connect to each other like magnetic LEGOs, SnapShades takes sunglass customization to a whole new level of awesome. Gone are the traditional screw hinges that fuse frames together forrr-evvv-errr (or at least until you accidentally sit on them :/). They’re replaced by patent-pending magnets that let you swap out colorful arms or even the Wayfarer-style frame on the fly. Yep, the iconic Wayfarer is SnapShades solo style — good thing they’re the most universally flattering sunglass shape around.

Full customization is literally a snap — the ends of the sunglass arms click into either end of the frame and stay in place no matter how dramatic the hair toss. Wish you had snapped the arm on the right into the left socket instead? Just twist it gently to unlock, and move it on over: The arms were specially designed to work on either side of the frame, a detail that not only rules aesthetically, but makes assembly near effortless — and traveling with multiple options in tow a breeze. That means your attention is spared to concentrate on what really counts: the color combos.

Currently, SnapShades offers three frame colors (black, white and clear) and 12 arm colors (among them, our favorites = Laser Cat Green, SF Gold and TARDIS Blue). Its $25 starter kit, dubbed “The New Classic” includes one frame and four arms in the colors of your choosing — if you pick a different color per arm, you could rock a different color combo almost every day of the week. That’s enough to make any color lover pounce (hint: us right now), but the future looks brighter than ever: SnapShades has plans for sunglasses that go beyond the basic spectrum with matte, metallic, patterned and even glow-in-the-dark parts all on the outer radar. If that’s the kind of fun in the sun you’re looking for, then you can help back its Crowd Supply campaign while there’s still time left, or even get your crew in on the action. $360 gets you a “Clown Car” package of 20 frames and 80(!) arms PLUS the opportunity to name an existing color (Blue Ivy or Lisa Frank Purple, anyone?).

Would you wear a pair of SnapShades? What other fully customizable accessories have caught your eye? Tell us in the comments below.