Every so often we stumble across something online that makes us scratch our heads and say, “why didn’t we think of that?” Today we’re reveling in the genius of a pair of shoes. That’s right. Shoes! What looks like a couple pairs of basic black heels is actually one shoe with five different heel attachments. It’s a convertible heel – for real! Though it’s not exactly the hottest heel on the market, it might be the cleverest.

Designed when founder Candice Leigh Cabe was packing for a business trip, these versatile shoes are all about saving space, being efficient, and, of course, making sure you’ve always got the right shoe for the occasion.

Dubbed Day2Night Convertible Heels, these shoes are made of genuine patent leather with a unique patented rubber sole that keeps the shoes super flexible and comfortable at any heel height. The heels click into the sole in a matter of seconds, making it easy to change your shoes 5 times in one day without ever taking them off ;)

As of now, this is the only style available, which does leave something to be desired. It’s a great go-to shoe for most occasions, but we’re most excited about the potential for more styles. Maybe a strappy summer sandal? A bootie that changes heights? We think some pretty cool shoe-related things could happen here. I mean, the fact that you can carry 4 extra heels in a clutch is pretty tough to beat.

What do you think of these heels? Would you wear them? What other types of convertible clothing or accessories have you worn before? Talk to us in the comments below.