It’s been quite the night for Oscars beauty. From Kelly Ripa’s five-dollar lipstick to Rachel McAdams’ Oscars prep routine, we’ve really found ourselves feeling the low-key vibes of this year’s big Hollywood night. But y’know what? The beauty secret that’s got us most excited isn’t even the lazy girl hair look that dominated the red carpet. Instead, it was a little surprise throwback that’s got us thinking about the glory days of inflatable furniture and dELiA*s catalog capris in, like, pastel gingham.


Look closely and you’ll see it: Body glitter.

Say whuuuuuut?!


See it now? While some might argue that Sofia’s subtle glimmer on the red carpet indicates more of a “shimmer,” perhaps in lotion form, we know our fave 1998 beauty staple when we see it, and boy oh boy, we SAW IT as Sofia took the stage as an Oscars presenter. Which leads us to wonder: What other childhood throwbacks are in store for us? Dr. Pepper Lip Smackers? Colored hair mascaras? We wait with bated breath.

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(Photos via Ethan Miller + Kevin Winter/ Getty)