From chairs that double as hangers to wall mounted desks to wall art trays, everyone loves a good small space hack — even those of us that don’t live in tiny shoebox apartments. The Sofista is one of the best pieces of convertible furniture we’ve seen yet.

Designed by Italian designer Fabrizio Simonetti, this foam-based modular sofa is perfect for itty bitty living rooms. Not only is it a chic and timeless design, but it can also turn from practical three-seater sofa to a bench with an additional chaise lounge and armchair. One of the best parts of the sofa is that the bench piece doubles as a twin bed — your house guest won’t even take up seating space!

The Sofista will cost ya $1,620, but you’re pretty much buying three seats in one. And a twin bed. It comes in neutral colors including navy, beige, white, dark gray and light gray, plus some color block options, and we’re sure you know how we feel about that. (We feel AWESOME!)

Unfortunately, the Sofista will only ship to European countries, but we’re hoping it’ll head overseas real soon… because, let’s face it: We could all use one of these babies in our lives.

Would you buy the Sofista if it became available stateside? Let us know in the comments below!

(h/t: Architizer)