If you’re a city dweller like most of the folks here at Brit + Co, we’re guessing you’re always on the hunt for the latest solution to your small space problems. Perhaps your coffee table doubles as a dining table? Or you’ve got your bed hoisted up for maximum under-the-bed storage. Well, the furniture-makers of the world hear you loud and clear, and are serving up these 12 pieces of multipurpose, convertible furniture.

1. Maisonette 3-Piece Convertible Furniture Series: First up we’ve got the Maisonette collection. Each of these pieces has multiple uses. We’re particularly swooning over the side table that doubles as a caddy for carrying things around your home.

2. Goliath Console / Dining Table: This extends from 17 inches to 115 inches utilizing a unique aluminum telescoping mechanism. You’ve seen tables with extra leaves before, but what about 5 extra leaves?

3. Madame Est Servie: An ironing board and mirror in one, this is a must for fashionistas who can’t always keep their clothes perfectly pressed. And standing on your toilet to look at the bottom half of your outfit? Forget about it.

4. Convertible Bamboo Table: This beautiful coffee table also turns into a dining table that seats 10!

5. Sofa Bunk Bed: Featured as part of our Cool Couches roundup, this sofa turns seamlessly into a bunk bed and manages to not look too janky in the process. We love the bright orange color.

6. Stooler: We have to admit, the name “Stooler” could probably be improved, however accurate it might be. This gadget turns ANYTHING into a stool.

7. Picnic Basket, Table Set + Bike Pannier in One: Dubbed Springtime, this nifty little dude is just the thing for outdoor adventures. Set yourself up with a romantic dining table for two, carry everything you need for the ride, and skip into the sunset with your picnic basket.

8. Sweet Talk and Dream: If your living room area is teeny tiny, this piece is pretty awesome. It works as a table with two cushy bench seats, folds down into a larger area with the table still in tact, and then flattens all the way out into a bed with a nightstand. Definitely cool.

9. Convertible Sectional Sofa: The search for a sofa bed that doesn’t suck is kind of an endless one, but this sectional just might fit the bill. Plus, look at all that storage space!

10. Coffee Table Dollhouse: If you love entertaining kids as much as adults, get yourself the Qubis Haus! It’s a minimal-looking coffee table that just happens to have a secret dollhouse in the shelves. We definitely get an Unhappy Hipsters vibe from this, but in the happiest way possible.

11. Pinto Chair: A recliner that doesn’t actually look like a super lazy recliner? For real! We love this modern piece of veg-out furniture.

12. Booken: Finally, bookshelf that puts all your books to use in the form of a console or credenza. We love that it’s both a reference library and a makeshift desk.

What cool pieces of convertible, multipurpose furniture have you seen? Tell us in the comments below.