So, it’s really awesome living in your dream city in a teeny tiny apartment your parents can’t believe you live in… except when you get married and all those amazing wedding gifts have nowhere to go. Enter, the world of small space hacking. There are entire websites dedicated to this very thing, but we’ve got our own series as well that’s all about creativity, organization and, naturally, color! For this latest hack, we’ve teamed up with Target Wedding Registry to trick out a whole bunch of trays.

If you’re getting married in the near future, you’re likely registering for lots of things and aren’t sure how they’ll fit in your apartment. Trays are one of those decorative pieces that are so versatile, but not always the easiest to store. So, why not turn those trays into wall art? Armed with paint pens, washi tape and etching cream, see three ways to do just that right here!

 – trays (we got ours at Target — see details below!)

– washi tape

– contact paper

– etching cream

– ribbon or twine for hanging

– paint brush

– sticky tack


1. Decide on a design.

2. Apply that design using your method of choice (see below!).

3. Tie ribbon onto the top, and hang on your wall!

First off, let’s get into these trays. We chose four different trays, decorated three and left the gorgeous wooden one blank. From left to right: Threshold Large Acacia Tray with Metal Handles ($30); Threshold Metal Decorative Tray in Coral ($25); Room Essentials White Melamine Serve Tray ($20 for two); and Threshold Mirrored Tray in White ($30).

Next, the tools for hacking. We’ve got our usual suspects like washi tape and paint pens, and we’ll be using that etching cream to add a pattern to the mirrored tray!


Choose a pattern you like. We went with a sort of vine-inspired design. Draw it onto your tray. That’s IT!

Coming soon to a happy hour near you!


First thing to be impressed by is the fact that you can ETCH a pattern into a mirror! Cut shapes out of contact paper. Then, press them onto the mirrored surface. Cover that surface with etching cream.

Let etching cream sit for 30 minutes. Then rinse off in the sink.

Peel off the contact paper to reveal your design.

We can’t help but be seriously pumped at how well this design came out.


Oh washi. First, cut washi into two-inch pieces. Then, tape onto tray in a chevron pattern. Done, son!

Doesn’t that look so summery?

We also used this gorgeous wooden tray but didn’t feel the need to embellish it.

To turn these trays into wall art, simply tie ribbon around the handle and hang. If your tray tilts off the wall, use sticky tack on the bottom edge to keep level against the wall.

Boom. Wall art!

What’s on your registry list? What other small space hacks have you used in your home? Talk to us in the comments below.

This post is a collaboration with Target Wedding Registry.