With summer around the corner, we’re starting to dream about all the trips we want to take. Summer vacation isn’t just for school kids, right? Since it can be hard to get away, what with all our responsibilities and plans, we thought we’d craft some perfect day-long excursions — day-cations, as we like to call them. And we are so pumped to be working with Toyota, who let us test drive the new RAV4 for our adventures.


I’m Roxy, a DIY Editor at Brit + Co, and I’m super excited to tell you about three amazing day-cations I took. For my first excursion, I drove out to an idyllic park on the waterfront. The drive was comfortable and the car itself easy on the eyes.


Plus it was spacious — a must in my DIY world. The Power Back Lift Gate makes it so much easier to get all of your gear out of the car. Bonus!


As for my day, I had a date with myself where I was able to reflect, clear my mind, do some yoga and get creative. Feeling like you need some “me” time? I mean YOU, not me :) I’ve got five tips to share with you for your perfect solo adventure.


When I arrived at the park it was foggy, which put me in the mood for writing and sketching. I had my journal with me (no, not the one from 8th grade where I scribbled my new signature with my crush’s last name over and over), so I spent some time flipping through the pages, appreciating my friends and being in my thirties and thinking about how awesome life is. And I practiced some hand-lettering.


No matter where you’re headed, it’s always nice to have a journal on hand. There’s something really special about writing notes from a trip or sketching the landscape. It’s a great tactile experience that encourages you to be present and gets you off your phone :) These journals are super easy to make, too. Follow our tutorial for a simple stitching technique.


When I have a day to myself, I like to pamper myself. And nothing says Treat. Yo. Self. like a spa day. Donna from Parks and Rec would totally agree.

Water Ingredients

To bring the spa to me, I made some infused water. All you need to do is add some chopped strawberries, cucumbers and mint leaves to make this refreshing, healthy drink. Take a sip and sing, “Treat yo’self. It’s the best day of the yearrrrr!”



As a yoga teacher, I will take any chance I get to do a downward-facing dog. Even when I’m in line at the airport like a crazy person!


For a part of my day-cation, I wanted to do some poses while breathing in fresh air. It’s not too often I get to practice outdoors. To carry my mat, I’ve got this adorable yoga mat strap, which is a cinch to make. Just cut and sew three strips of fabric, attach two to the ends of the other and add some buckles. For the full tutorial, check out our book Homemakers.



Though most of my day was tech-free, I’m a big fan of using technology to make life better… or more chill. Speaking of making life great, I’ve been using a new app called Headspace, which walks you through guided meditations. By taking a moment to breathe and focus on the present moment, I can really reset and relax. I highly recommend you check out this app if you’re in need of some decompression or stress reduction. Deep breath. Ahhh.



Okay let’s go back to that spa — duh. When I get ready for meditation, I like to move everything away from my yoga mat, make sure I’m warm and lay a lavender-scented eye pillow over my peepers. They work so hard every day; they deserve a break!


This eye pillow is a straightforward DIY, and it smells like heaven died and went to heaven. Keep one in your car at all times for when you’re heading off for the day, or when you need to take a 5-minute vacation after a stressful morning. Here’s the tutorial!


– silk or soft cotton fabric

– flax seeds

– lavender

– thread

 – sewing machine

– fabric scissors

– needle


  1. Cut one rectangle and fold it in half with the outside facing in.
  2. Sew around two open edges.
  3. Flip the fabric right side out and fill with flax and lavender.
  4. Hand stitch the open edge or sew with the machine.

First, cut a rectangle of fabric. This is going over your eyes, so cut to a size that will rest comfortably on your face. Fold your fabric with the outside facing in and then pin it in place.


Sew two of the open edges, leaving the last side open so you can add the flax seed and the lavender.


Pin the last side closed and either hand stitch or sew it with your machine. We always go with the machine when we can :)


And there you have it! A darling, aromatic eye pillow.


What a great day! I headed home feeling fresh and ready for whatever tomorrow brings, not to mention eager to hop back in the car and continue my day-cation on the ride home. Isn’t it great when a part of your relaxing day is IN your car? How could it not be with a moonroof and Dual Zone Automatic Climate Control to keep me toasty? Well done, Toyota. This car rocks.


Tell us about your perfect solo day-cation. What do you like to do? Where are your favorite places to visit?

This post is a collaboration with Toyota RAV4.