We’re all for trying new things on the food front. We’ll even add a little pickle juice to our cocktails on occasion. But Sonic’s plans for a new slushie offering has our taste buds feeling all kinds of confused!

The fast-food chain is gearing up for the launch of a — get this — pickle slushie. That’s right! Picking up on the trending cocktail additive, the company is launching a bright green version of everyone’s favorite summertime refresher that is sure to set your mouth puckering.

As Scott Uehlein, vice president of product innovation and development for Sonic explained, “Quite simply, pickle juice is fun. Nothing says summer like a Sonic slush and only Sonic can bring a completely on-trend beverage flavor into 3,500 restaurants.”

The folks at Food & Wine got a sneak peek — er, rather, sip — of the upcoming treat at Sonic HQ in Oklahoma City, confirming that it tastes exactly how you might expect… only sweeter.

Rather than overpowering your mouth with tangy brine, the outlet says there’s plenty of sugary goodness to balance it out, leaving them wanting more with each drop.

The new offering won’t be solely limited to slushie beverages, either: Since the pickle flavoring comes in syrup form, you’ll also be able to add it to your shakes, pop, or even burgers, should you be so inclined. (Hey, to each their own!)

Is your mouth already watering? Hang tight: The drink will be coming to a drive-through near you come June.

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(Photos via Ricky Carloti/Getty)