Impromptu dance parties? Yup, you know what we’re talking about — we see you over there, shakin’ that thang! We get it, we love blasting music in every corner of our homes. Our neighbors… not so much ;) But it’s not our fault! Thanks to waterproof devices and Bluetooth-enabled everything, it’s possible to bring surround sound to any and every nook of your tiny studio or giant home. Out of all the speakers in all the surround sound land, Sonos’ WiFi connected system ranks pretty high on our eternal tech wish list, and their new, major upgrade just pushed them up a notch. Somewhere between the iPhone 6 and the Mink 3D makeup printer

Sonos eliminates all those pesky wires and plugs so that you can play music clearly in every room of your house or office. You can even pick different tunes to play in each room! Uh, yes I do want a different mood thanks to carefully curated muzak in my kitchen and bathroom, thank you, Sonos. While current Sonos systems have a bridge, a router that connects to your wireless router to create the mesh network Sonos works off of, the new upgrade eliminates the need for the bridge, allowing speakers to “talk” directly to each other using the WiFi router itself.

New Sonos owners won’t even need to buy a bridge, and people who already have the system in place can update to eliminate the need for the bridge entirely, streaming their music seamlessly and continuously into their space.

The change, which Sonos has been working on for a couple years, is a small but significant one. Complications arise in different WiFi environments, and sometimes music streaming can run into glitches that leave your favorite tunes sputtering along.

Sonos is hoping that their new bridgeless solution will avoid these challenges, but just in case they don’t, they’re designing a device for that too. Either way, we are SO ready to break these out at our next party. No, they may not be as cute as some of our other favorite speakers, but we’re willing to overlook appearances for the coolness factor.

How will this new update to Sonos affect your home music experience? Let us know below!