Sand, surf, surprise thunderstorms, taking your music with you on the go is a recipe for a fried smartphone or mp3 player, unless you use one of these speakers designed to withstand the elements. Whether you’re hiking, picnicking, or hanging out seaside, you’ll need one of these by your side all summer long.

1. Eton Rugged Rukus All-Terrain Portable Solar Wireless Sound System ($130): The ultimate rugged speaker not only is it splashproof, klutz-proof (you can drop it from over 3 feet), but it is also solar-powered and will even charge your phone while you play your jams.

2. Ultimate Ears UE Boom ($199): Your music comes full circle with this 360-degree speaker. A 15-hour battery means you will have music all day, and it’s completely water resistant so you can listen poolside. Plus, when you pair with the UE Boom App you can use multiple speakers to create a surround-sound situation. (Photo by Grant Hiemstra)

3. NYNE NB-200 Bike Wireless Speaker ($100): For tunes while you cruise, this bike speaker attaches to virtually any set of handlebars, and connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth. Not to mention the fact that you can take calls while riding with it’s built in microphone.

4. Wireless Floating Pool Speaker ($100): What’s better than a concert by the pool? A concert inthe pool. Just plug your phone into the transmitter through the headphone jack for tunes while you swim.

5. iDuck —Bathtub Music ($30): Don’t forget the kiddie pool. This musical rubber ducky will make pooltime (or bathtime) so much fun.

6. Jambox Remix ($130): We’ve written about the Jambox Remix before, and it’s still one of our favorite stylish portable speakers. It’s the ultimate picnic accessory for the summer.

7. Nomad 7 Rock-Out Solar Powered Speaker ($120): This speaker setup looks more intense than it actually is. The tri-fold gadget just has large panels to make sure the internal batter and your phone charges more quickly, and stays charged.

8. EcoXPro Waterproof Speaker Case ($80): If you want to use your speaker to protect your iPhone (and other valuables) from the elements as well, this is the case for you. Perfect for camping, hiking, or the beach, this case is virtually indestructible, and the speakers will last for 30 hours on just three AA batteries.

9. Bose FreeSpace 51 Landscape Speaker ($405): If you’re looking to invest in something that can stay outside for year-round patio and pool parties, these speakers will blend into the bushes, without looking like cheesy fake rocks.

10. Klipsch Sandstone Outdoor Rock Speaker ($300): But if the rock speaker look is your thing, the ones from Klipsch are our favorite. They come in two different colors to match your terrain.

How do you rock out in the great outdoors? Tell us about your favorite portable party products in the comments below.