We’ve already paired you off with your perfect cosmic cocktail match and even found the most delish La Croix flavor for your sign. But there are so many more ways to keep yourself hydrated, especially in the sparkling water game. Is it weird to say the bubbly beverage is having a zeitgeist-y moment right now? Either way, we’re seeing everyone indulge in bottled sparkling water lately, which had us curious about our own favorite brands. Enter the astrological matchup.


Topo Chico: Being first is important to you, Aries, whether you’re running a marathon, starting a company, or, yes, getting in on the latest hydration trend. Topo Chico has been around since 1895 but is currently the sparkling water of choice for foodies, influencers, design snobs, and now you. The branding is on point, the carbonation is naturally mellow, and you’re once again leading the trend.


The Mountain Valley: Nature rules, right Taurus? You’re a steadfast, reliable Earth sign who prefers spending your days gardening and your evenings in front of the fire — with a bottle of sparkling water and glass of wine by your side, respectively. Mountain Valley, straight from the source in the Ouachita Mountains in Louisiana, satisfies your stability-seeking personality with its super chill bubble levels.


La Croix: The only thing you like more than having options is having dinner with friends. You’re a social creature who prefers to be surrounded by interesting, dynamic people, jumping between subjects and soaking up as much new knowledge as possible. So, of course we had to pair you up with La Croix. It’s a crowd-pleaser for sure, and with lots of different flavors to choose from (with pamplemousse being the best, obviously), you’ll never get bored.


Schweppes: Too much attention has never been your thing, Cancer, and you’re as loyal as they come. So you like to stick to your tried-and-true classic — Schweppes. It’s consistent; it’s low-key, and you can find it literally anywhere. Perfect for those days you can’t be bothered to go any farther than the corner bodega for your sparkling bevvie.


Polar: With flavors like watermelon margarita, blood orange sangria, and raspberry rose, Polar Seltzer knows how to bring the party. Sound familiar? Polar knows how to please a crowd, and you know how to work one. It’s a match made in hydration heaven — it always pays to go bold!


Evian Badoit: You accept nothing less than perfection in every area of your life; why should your sparkling water habit be any different? Evian set the gold standard for bottled water back in the early 2000s, with supermodels and sports heroes shouting out the (decidedly pricey) brand, and you’re all about holding yourself to similarly high standards. Evian’s sparkling brand, Badoit, is just as chic as its flat cousin, all round curves and long neck.


San Pellegrino: Life is all about balance and harmony for you, Libra, and this inherent sense of diplomacy can veer into people-pleasing territory if you’re not careful. Thankfully, you’ve got San Pellegrino on your side — it’s the sparkling water brand that everyone recognizes and appreciates, from the bubbly fanatics to the water apathetic. Perfect for your next dinner party (we know you can’t resist a reason to round up all your friends).


Voss: You’d much rather be drinking wine than water, but if you have to stay hydrated, you wanna do it with a sexy-a** bottle. That iconic sleek glass bottle totally helps you set the mood for your romantic dinner parties for two, and its slight effervescence adds just the right amount of spark (you obviously add the rest yourself).


Hal’s: We don’t know who the heck Hal is, but we honestly don’t care, Sag. Because just like you, Hal brings the party where ever he goes with his sparkling water offerings. The New York seltzer water is cheerfully packaged with fun flavors like black cherry, watermelon, and vanilla cream — and what’s more adventurous than coffee-flavored sparkling water?!


perrier sparkling water

Perrier: Only the classics for you, Cap. Perrier dates back to the late 1800s, when a doctor bought the spring for a spa and began bottling and selling the mineral water. You can appreciate that kind of hustle. And anyway, surprises aren’t really your thing, and Perrier delivers consistently zippy water no matter where you are.


gerolsteiner sparkling water

Gerolsteiner: Never one to do what everyone else is doing, you like your sparkling water unpronounceable and social media-shy. Gerolsteiner has been around for just as long as the rest of the pack, but it doesn’t get as much play on the ‘gram as the rest of them. And your independent, original self is totally okay with that.


Vintage: As the most watery of water signs, hydration is key for you. That said, you’re really not too discriminating when it comes to your H2O (you have way more interesting things to think about), but the cool retro vibe of the Vintage sparkling water brand definitely speaks to your sense of aesthetics. Plus, the fun flavors are great for keeping around when your friends unexpectedly show up for a night of tarot readings and pizza.

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