We low-key love spending a Sunday night at home, styling our bar carts to craft cocktail perfection. There’s just something so satisfying about collecting vintage tumblers and experimenting with different spirits — whether it’s festive Champagne cocktails for New Year’s Eve or thirst-quenching Palomas in the dead of summer. But what about those in-between times, when you just want a simple drink without any fuss? We’ve got you covered with your cosmically connected classic cocktail.


old fashioned cocktail

Old-Fashioned: You favor bold flavors in your cocktails, Aries, since that’s exactly how you life your life. The old-fashioned brings together bourbon and bitters (with a hint of orange) — a simple, stunning combination that’s as fearless as you are. No doubt you’ll feel confident AF ordering this strong sipper on any first date.


Sazerac cocktail

Sazerac: A little luxury never hurt anyone, right, Taurus? We couldn’t agree more — which is why we think you’ll fall in love with the Sazerac. Crafted with a blend of absinthe, whiskey, and bitters, this New Orleans classic is the perfect nightcap after one of your famous dinner parties at home. Cozy, cool, and a reliable standard (just like you!).


gin and tonic

Gin and Tonic: Honestly, nothing sounds more boring to you than sticking to a single signature cocktail, Gemini, since there are so many new recipes to try. Which is exactly why we suggest delving into the juniper-infused world of gin. With so many varieties crafted by even more distilleries, there’s always something to learn about this classic liquor, keeping your mind — and your mouth! — happy.


aperol spritz

Aperol Spritz: Bitter Aperol and bubbly Prosecco combine to create a light, refreshing cocktail that’s sure to lift even your darkest mood, Cancer. We know you’re most comfortable retreating into your shell, but sometimes being social is necessary, and a low-alcohol-content drink like this Italian favorite is an easy, drinkable way to make any social sitch fun.



Margarita: To start any good party, a hostess needs only two things: a pitcher of juicy margaritas on the table and a fierce Leo in the group. It’s true that you love working a crowd, Leo — especially if you’re at the center of it — and nothing complements your cheerful energy more than this bright, citrusy cocktail. There’s no doubt everyone will leave feeling delightfully tipsy (off both your good humor and the tequila).


manhattan cocktail

Manhattan: Straightforward, strong, and simple, the Manhattan has been described by Bon Appetit as the perfect cocktail — and we know how you feel about that, Virgo. Because the Manhattan only requires a few ingredients — bourbon, vermouth, bitters, orange peel, and a Maraschino cherry — it means you’ve got to get every component jusssssttttt right, and your detail-oriented brain is definitely up to that tasty task.


Negroni Cocktail

Negroni: The Negroni is all about balance — a perfectly harmonious mix of bitter vermouth with herbal gin for a drink that’s as diplomatic as you are, Libra. Yep, you need a cocktail that can both keep up with your social calendar and not be too strong (or sweet). This classic is great for sipping throughout a long night of socializing and has an old-school, sophisticated look that speaks to your luxury-loving self.


dark and stormy cocktail

Dark and Stormy: The name of a classic cocktail, or a reference to your mysterious moods? Just teasing, Scorpio, but a dark and stormy does fit with your whole secretive, sultry vibe. A mix of spicy ginger beer, warm dark rum, and a squeeze of bright lime, this super simple cocktail is the perfect year-round staple for you — whether you’re on a romantic date or at a summer party.



Mojito: With Cuban roots that bring to mind hot nights and shady palm trees, the mojito perfectly captures your carefree attitude, Sag. You’re never one to turn down an adventure and would be 100 percent game for traveling straight to the source for this refreshingly minty cocktail. Indulge that generous spirit and buy a round for your besties the next time you’re out.



Martini: You’re never one to stray too far from tradition, Capricorn, which is why you’re all about the most classic of classic cocktails — the martini. Whether you’re at a networking event looking to leverage your latest promotion or you’re at a family gathering hoping to dodge dating questions, this strong, savory drink is your saving grace. Oh, and you’ll only be having one, of course — that innate sense of self-control means you’re disciplined, even when you’re at a cocktail party.



Daiquiri: Sure, the daiquiri gets a bad rep for being a silly, sugary drink straight from the ‘80s, but that’s kinda why you love it, right, Aquarius? There’s just something about embracing the outsider as your own that speaks to your fiercely independent soul. Plus, if you make a daiquiri right — with light rum, lime juice, and a touch of sugar — you get a fun, delicious drink that can transform even the dullest conversation into something much more sparkling (another one of your trademarks!).


french 75

French 75: If you could be anywhere right now, Pisces, it would be in a 1920s Paris café debating the merits of adjectives with Ernest Hemingway — and sipping a sparkling French 75, of course. This bubbly, citrusy drink and your imaginative, creative personality are like two peas in a pod, all friendly feels and artistic vibes.

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